Wendy Williams PISSED That DMX Missed Her Show Over South Carolina Arrest: ‘We even bought tix for his baby mama!’

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We weren’t the only ones disappointed when we learned that DMX (real name Earl Simmons) would be skipping his appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. After all, we’ve been rooting for him while watching him on shows like Dr. Phil and Iyanla: Fix My Life, but as you know at times, the 43-year-old just can’t get right. Case in point? The recent incident that resulted in him missing Wendy’s show. The quick and dirty is that the day before he was set to appear he was arrested in South Carolina for driving without vehicle tags and insurance and driving on a suspended license. So what’s the big deal? Well, Wendy is livid. So much so, she went on a vent of sorts during her show on Wednesday. She explained:
I have had it to up here. God bless my staff. They were entertained with telephone calls and making reservations and what not all night long. We made five plane reservations for that man to come up here from South Carolina and he missed all five flights. Then there’s a guy in his life name Moe, who has a van who was gonna drive him the ten hours from South Carolina. From what I was told X brought his bags out of the house, put them into the trunk, brought back into the house. Out, in, out, in.
She continued:
His pastor said there was something going on up here [points to head] and he wasn’t really in a good place, X. And then he’s got this baby’s mother. Well you know he’s got 13 kids. He owes over a million dollars in child support. We were gonna talk about all this not in a judgmental way but in a what had had happened way….Then one of the baby’s mothers lives in Florida with one of his kids. Well X said he wasn’t coming to New York all of a sudden unless we fly the baby’s mother so I guess they could have a visitation backstage, I have no idea. But you wanna know what? I like DMX we come from the same place and we were accommodating. We bought the plane tickets for the baby’s mother. She missed the flight. Showed up at the airport randomly to get on the plane. No telephone call or anything, like she could just use the tickets for the flight. Look I told you all and I mean this. He has until Friday. The show here must go on.
Watch the clip. No word on if the rapper will appear, but we’ve got our fingers crossed.

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