[Video] Stevie J Announces New Book + Reveals Joseline’s Releasing An Oral Bedroom Toy

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When they said “players go’ play”, they definitely had to be talking about the three-time Grammy award winning songwriter/ musician/ producer/ and reality star Stevie J (real name Steven Jordan). The 42 year old Buffalo, New York native is known for his dramatic love triangle with his daughter’s mother Mimi Faust and girlfriend Joseline Hernandez that unfolded on the hit VH1 show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. We recently caught up with him at Tami Roman‘s nail polish launch, where we got him to talk about his new book deal, X- rated business ventures Joseline, and Mimi’s new boyfriend, Niko.  Check out a few excerpts below.

On his book deal:

I have a book deal with Simon & Schuster, it’s called ‘Taking One for the Team’. Out of hundred dudes, I’m going to do what they really want to do. So I’m a take one for the team and show cats my perception on certain situations in life that men deal with and it also helps the women deal with it too.

On his business ventures with Joseline:

She just got signed–her album deal is done, her book deal is almost finished, her workout DVD and she’s got strips for chicks who don’t like to swallow. The women can put it on their tongue before and its good for like 10-15 minutes when its going down.

On his love life with Joseline:

   We’re doing alright. I’m working right now. We’re working right now.

On how he feels since Mimi has moved on, romantically:

I don’t feel no type of way. Look at him, Look at me. Google him, Google me. I’m iconic, I’m historic and that’s that. My relationship was good with her either way, so good luck to her and I hope she’s happy.

Watch the full interview below.

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