NeYo Defends Wife Against Critics: Haters must hate.

NeYo, Crystal Renay

NeYo, Crystal Renay

NeYo has taken to Instagram, defending his new bride, Crystal Renay. We hear that a few folk have criticized the new mother, who stars on BET’s About the Business, and the singer/producer is having none of it.

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He posted the following comment on his Instagram:

I have so much love for the intelligent people who call themselves my fans. MUCH LOVE TO ALL THE POSITIVE PEOPLE OUT THERE. I share for YOU, I post for myself and for YOU. And I LOVE YOU ALL for you love and support of me, my wife, my family. I had to address the fans first because they are the important ones. This is the last time you haters will see a response from me to your sadness. THIS PART IS FOR THE HATERS ONLY: I don’t tell you how to juggle your baby mama’s or baby daddy’s, I don’t judge the stupid things you’ve done (and in most cases are STILL doing) with your lives. What makes you think that your opinion on who I choose to be with has ANY swaying power? Y’all REALLY think I care what you think of the woman I chose to spend my life with? REALLY? You’re up in arms over a middle finger? Y’all mad cause I’m doing what a husband is supposed to do and supporting my wife? Let me make something CRYSTAL clear for y’all….this is MY LIFE. What I do with it and who with is on ME, not you. You only know a PORTION of who I am, who she is and you’re making judgments on that small portion, judgements NONE OF YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO MAKE. I understand this message won’t stop you….not my intent. As birds must fly and all that lives must die, HATERS MUST HATE. it’s just sad that you’re so miserable the only spot of joy you can get is down talking someone else’s happiness. My kids are WELL FED and taken care of, my wife is MY CUP OF TEA, meaning she don’t gotta be yours. But you’re entitled to feel whatever you want. You go ahead, continue wasting your time passing judgment and talking shit as if ANY of you sad and unhappy souls mean anything to us. You don’t….but you can keep believing you do.?


Ne-Yo and Mohammad Molaei Concert Arrivals at Project Nightclub in Hollywood - November 26, 2014

He added,

Meanwhile Mr. And Mrs. Smith are blessed and highly favored. I pray you all find a crumb of the happiness I’m experiencing. It’ll be enough to sustain you your whole life…..a crumb. To any of my TRUE FANS that aren’t sure how to feel about my wife, take the time to get to know her the same way you did me. You’ll see what I see and why I made her my wife. And if by chance you don’t, all good. Everybody doesn’t have to like everybody else. But this is me, happy as hell. And if you love me like you say you do…you’re happy that I’m happy. GOD bless.

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By the way, here’s the Instagram video that he’s referring to, where he mentions putting up his middle finger.

Who gone check me boo?! #MrsSmith #SJisBEYONDGOOD ? CAN I LIVE????

A video posted by Crystal Renay Smith (@iamcrystalrenay) on

P.S. Are folk being too critical of NeYo’s wife?

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Authored by: Kellie Williams