Jennifer Hudson Denies Reports of Secret Wedding, Says She Told Fiance To ‘Have A Seat’ After His Wale Twitter Beef

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Singer, Oscar winner and recent Hollywood Walk of Fame star recipient Jennifer Hudson chatted it up with Angie Martinez in while in NYC this week. Hudson who rocked the red carpet earlier this week in promotion for her newest film Black Nativity co starring Angela Bassett, Tyrese, Angela Bassett and Nas, dished on e’rything. She spoke on maintaining her healthy lifestyle and also the rumors that her and longtime fiancé David Otunga are secretly married (p.s. she even jokes about why David wears an engagement ring). Peep the excerpts below.

On reports that she’s secretly married: 
That’s a secret I don’t know nothing about. The funny thing is people are like, “when are you getting married?” then the next day, “you’re already married?” then “how’s your husband?” It’s like honey ya’ll have married us off anyway, so whats the difference?
On fiancé David wearing an engagement ring: 
David is a little different, let me explain. He wanted to have an engagement ring too. I got him a ring for his birthday gift. He wanted to have his own ring.[He said] “Everyone knows you’re taken but no one knows I’m taken,” and so that’s where his ring came from.
She also talked about the heated Twitter exchange between her fiancé and rapper Wale. If you remember, in August, David spoke his mind on the addition of Rihanna to Wale’s hit song ‘Bad’ tweeting,
So Wale adds Rihanna to the remix of “Bad” and she overshadows him in the song? #RappersLuckyKendrickMentionedThem.”
Wale responded,
Ur wife overshadowing ur career tho.
Later adding,
Ni–a high off deer antler.
Hudson addressed the beef between the two explaining, 
David, have a seat. All I will say to that is when you call someone sometime they will answer. But David didn’t mean any harm. [She told him] David get off of Twitter. What are you doing? I have to work these people. Get off of Twitter. Thats what I said and what else can I say. Sometimes when you call people what can I tell you?
Peep the entire interview below.

Black Nativity hits theaters November 27.
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