Love Hip Hop Atlanta’s Freshest Face, Traci Steele, Has Her Sights Set On Being the Next Oprah

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If you’re going to push, work and hustle, you might as well set your sights high. In an interview with Vibe Vixen, one of the freshest faces to hit Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, opened up about what her plans are outside of watching her weekly on VH1. DJ Traci Steele and the father of her child, DJ Baby Drew, have been getting a bit of camera time on season two of the show. Recently she opened up about the key to bringing in multiple streams of income (she’s got about three jobs and counting), how she plans to be the next Ms. Winfrey and beef with a particular cast mate (*cough K.Michelle). Peep a few excerpts:

What do you think your role as a radio personality means to the show?

I’m hoping that they show more of the entrepreneur that I am. A woman can multitask, as far as her career and being a mom. I hope we can focus on that and it’s not “turn up central” all the time.

Women can have it all, and a lot of people don’t believe that. What are some of the other business that you’re a part of?

I’m a landlord. I’m also a web designer and a graphic designer, and I’m on a television show called Off The Chain that I DJ, so we’re looking at six or seven different checks coming in already. I handle a lot of different things, but I don’t have to be running the streets to handle my business. I sit in my office and I get things done. And of course I rock parties and I host. I wholeheartedly believe that one form of income coming into the home is not going to make you a millionaire. You have to build your brand and expand into different realms in order for you to build your empire.

So do you see yourself building your own media conglomerate or just sticking to music?

I would love to do that, I wanted to buy a building and turn that building to my little Oprah Center, where I can do television broadcasting and production. We can have a studio and I can do all different forms of communications in this one building. I definitely want to venture out and do something like that and be the next Oprah.

Can the same be said of the other ladies on the show? How are you gelling with them?

No, I cannot say the same about the other ladies at all. I have some good relationships with some people but others I really cannot stand. We don’t vibe and we’re not the same in any way, shape or form. I’m not going to say who it is, but you’re gonna see it get on and poppin. In any situation where you have a group of girls, not everyone is going to get along, but it’s all about how you handle the situation. If you can’t stand them, it’s all about keeping your distance or you start swinging on people. Those are your only options.

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