Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Sister Says, ‘We Didn’t Even Know They Were Shooting A Movie’

Although its been more than 10 years since her fatal car accident, fans still mourn the death of member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC. With filming wrapped on the group’s upcoming biopic, Lisa’s sister, Reigndrop Lopes and former personal assistant, Stephanie Dayton are speaking out about their unhappiness. In a recent interview, both women claim that they were not consulted about the movie–at all. Peep a few excerpts below:

Not being consulted for the TLC biopic: 

[RDL]: We didn’t even know when they were shooting. The only way I found out was because a friend of mine was cast as an extra and flew down here, and I happened to go up there with her. We didn’t know anything at all. She [her and Left Eye’s mom] was hurt, she was pissed off, and hurt more than anything, but it’s like what can we do? Legally, I don’t think we can do anything, but it’s just more morally, why wouldn’t you involve the family? We’re right here in Atlanta, and we’re open to being involved. And when you don’t reach out, it makes you wonder why, question why. We don’t know why.”


Thoughts on Lil Mama being cast as Left Eye in the biopic:

[RDL]Well number one, I would have liked to be told before the whole world knew. We found out online from the fans. My initial reaction was I was kind of in the middle. I didn’t know her to be an actor, and I didn’t know how well she would do portraying Lisa, so I really didn’t know how to feel. I actually got the chance to go up to the set one time, and I did see her doing some of her scenes, and it looked pretty good to me, and I was actually surprised. I told her that she was doing a good job.
The last minute decision that put Left Eye behind the wheel before the accident that took her life:

 I [SD] was in the driver’s seat getting ready to leave, and then she came and caught me as we were pulling off and told me she wanted me to take another vehicle and to run some errands and meet her later at a photo shoot. And that’s when she got behind the wheel, and drove that vehicle, and within moments, had passed.”

Left Eye’s relationship with her band mates Chili and T-Boz at the time of her death:

[SD]:I think as with any relationship between females, there’s going to be some tension in some areas because you’re dealing with conflicting personalities. So I think it’s like with any friendship or sisterhood, there were good things that happened, there were not-so-good things that happened. At that particular time, she was in the process of renegotiating the contract with TLC. So a lot of their communication was based on business, trying to hash out the contract.

[RDL]: I know for a fact she was in a good place with Tionne ’cause she went to see her before she left, but Chilli, I’m not sure. I just know that she never got a chance to see Chilli, or Chilli never got a chance to see Lisa before she left. I really don’t know what their last interaction was.

Chili and T-Boz are currently celebrating the group’s 20th anniversary, with a reunion album in the works, a rumored tour. The VH1 produced biopic starring Drew Sidora, Keke Palmer and Lil’ Mama will hit the network later this year.

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