Kanye West Visits The Breakfast Club, Goes Toe-To-Toe With Charlamagne the God: ‘I want you to tell me EVERYTHING that I’m doing wrong!’

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I must say, we were a bit surprised to learn that Kanye West would be doing a sit-down interview with Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’. If you’re an avid listener of the show, you’re well aware that one of the show’s radio personalities, Charlamagne the God, has quite a way of delivering his honest opinion. His brutal honesty has pegged him the ‘Black Howard Stern’, by being raw and uncut with his commentary, along with his entertaining ‘Donkey of the Day’ segment (he points out folk that he believes are making *ss clowns of themselves). This week, Ye stopped by the show, who happens to be highly criticized by Charlamagne going toe-to-toe with his critics and naysayers. For us, initially, the interview was a little awkward, just waiting to see how this conversation would play out. Towards the beginning of the interview, Ye told Charlamagne:

They want this man to throw them blows…This is what they waiting for…They waiting for Charlamagne to top these gloves…and go at Ye, so let’s go. I’ve been SO excited. I’ve been waiting for this interview. I want you to tell me everything, I’m doing wrong, in front of everybody, so that I can improve that…

The two (Charlamagen and Ye) continued to verbally disagree about what Ye values. Charlamagne told the rapper that he equates money to freedom. Ye defended himself, saying to Charlamagne directly:

I’m thinking your last name is the God, right? So anybody that’s a God, can recognize a God. Keep me on point, brother…I’m not saying I can’t use no tighening up. I’m not saying I’m infallable, that I’m flawless. I’m saying that I got a cause…

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During the interview, Kanye also explained why he decided to go with Jay Z, after the split with Dame Dash, especially since Dame is the one that ‘put him on’, so to speak. He shared:

You know what it was? It’s because…The problem was, with Dame, is truth was more accurate or closer to what mine was….but his technique was harsh with me…As a young kid, I felt more pressure…And Jay Z’s a nice guy and also I felt like, I had that truth that Dame has in him, we the same. But I wanted to learn this techinique that Jay got, being actually (being) likable…Man, I be talking to people the wrong way sometimes…I be rubbing them the wrong way…As his little brother, I needed to learn that technique.
Watch the full interview (it’s pretty lengthy) below.