Update: Torrei Hart Says Joining Katt Williams’ Comedy Tour Is ‘No Shade At All’ Toward Her Ex-Husband Kevin Hart: ‘That Is Not My Beef’

Update: Torrei Hart Says Joining Katt Williams’ Comedy Tour Is ‘No Shade At All’ Toward Her Ex-Husband Kevin Hart: ‘That Is Not My Beef’

Update #2: (Jan. 25, 2024): Kevin Hart and Katt Williams’ rumored beef has nothing to do with Kevin’s ex-wife.

TMZ recently caught up with Torrei Hart and the comic expressed that there’s “no shade” behind her going on tour with Katt Williams. She said,

“That’s my boy. We’ve known each other for years…I’ve opened up for Katt before, he’s given me plenty of opportunities, we shot a movie together and we’re just close. …We’re friends, we’ve known each other for 20 years.” 

Torrei continued,

“A lot of people don’t know that I’ve been doing comedy for almost 15 years, this isn’t new. … I tell jokes anywhere, I don’t care.”

After letting fans know that they can catch her on Katt Williams’ “The Dark Matter Tour” or during her own “No Hart Feelings Tour,” which kicks off in February, Torrei added,

“I have no shade at all to Kevin, even the stuff that’s going on between him and Katt, that’s not my beef. That is not my beef. I have beef with no one.”


Update#1: (Jan. 10, 2024): Kevin Hart is taking the high road in his (alleged) beef with fellow comedian Katt Williams.

As previously reported, during his viral interview with Shannon Sharpe — which has been viewed over 40 million times since it aired last week — Katt Williams held nothing back as he dished on issues he has with many people in the entertainment industry, including Kevin. Soon after the interview dropped, Kevin’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, announced she was joining Katt for a comedy tour, set to kick off later this month.

Some have alluded that Torrei only teamed up with Katt to shade her ex, however, Kevin appears to be unbothered by her business moves. He recently shared with paparazzi his thoughts on the entire ordeal and said,

“I want everybody to win. I love everybody.”

Kevin added,

“I want everybody to win. I hope the tour is great.” 


Original Story: (Jan. 9, 2024): It’s safe to say, Katt Williams has the internet in shambles… once again.

If you didn’t know, legendary actor/funnyman Katt Williams set the comedy world on fire earlier this month with one of his most controversial interviews.

Katt Williams

In the highly-talked-about episode of NFL icon Shannon Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay, Katt Williams doubled down on the comedic community and the hidden chaos behind it.

Following the conversation, Williams has since found himself back in the headlines. The recent hoopla came after Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, Torrei Hart, took to Instagram with a shocking announcement.

Along with a photo of Williams and herself, Torrei Hart wrote in the pinned post,

“#Charlotte #Orlando #Tampa come see me live with my good friend @kattwilliams on [The Dark Matter Tour]. More dates coming soon.”

Shortly after comedienne Torrei Hart’s reveal, social media went up in flames. Many pointed out the fact that it’s long been known that Williams and fellow comedian Kevin Hart aren’t necessarily too fond of each other.

From setting the record straight about Rickey Smiley’s alleged audition for ‘Friday After Next’ character Money Mike to accusing Steve Harvey of rocking a “man unit,” Williams stood firm in not telling one “fat, Faizon lie” in his sit-down with Sharpe.

However, while entertainers Smiley, Harvey, Faizon Love, and even Cedric the Entertainer may have been at the top of Williams’ hit list, that isn’t all the public took from the now-viral discussion.

Shannon Sharpe, Katt Williams

The 52-year-old had a few bones to pick with Kevin Hart. During the candid moment, Williams (seemingly) called the ‘Lift’ cast member an “industry plant” and a “gatekeeper.”

He shared with Sharpe,

“Kevin [Hart] told you he wasn’t gon’ wear no dress… until they offered him the dress, and then he put it on. And what did he say after he wore it? ‘I made my own decision.’ Duh! But you didn’t make it before they brought it up, did you? It’s okay, it’s alright.”

Kevin Hart

Williams continued in another part of the clip:

“For a five-year period, every single movie that Kevin Hart did was a movie that had been on my desk, that all I had said was just, ‘Can we take some of this Stepin Fetchit sh*t out? And then I can do it.’ Like, it don’t need to be overtly homosexual because I’m not homosexual, alright? It doesn’t need that to be funny, right? And me saying that and them going, ‘Oh yeah, no problem,’ and then going to give it to this other guy and having him do it just like it was and acting like I’m a bad person because I keep standing on my standards.”

Additionally, the ‘First Sunday’ star alluded to Hart being intimidated by the weight that he’s held throughout his decades-long career in the industry.

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Williams comments appear to relate to the interview Hart did with ‘The Breakfast Club’ a few years back, where he went on a tirade about blaming Hollywood for his “downfall.”

He told the hosts,

“My frustration with Katt Williams comes from… you keep pointing at Hollywood. ‘Hollywood this, the white man, this, this, and this.’ When do you take responsibility for your actions? You had the shot, you were the guy! You were set up to be the star. You didn’t show up to work, you f*cked off promo shoots.”

Although Williams and Hart’s rivalry prompted the majority of the opinions that ensued after Torrei’s tour announcement, others also mentioned her notorious beef with her ex-husband, Kevin.

Throughout the years, she’s been infamously known for speaking on the demise of their relationship, including labeling him a cheater as well as crediting herself for the start of his success.

The former couple married in 2003 and divorced in 2011. Together, they share two children.

Here’s what X had to say about Torrei hitting the road with Williams…


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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell