[WATCH] TLC Returns To the Big Stage, Confesses They’re Conflicted About Bringing “Left Eye” Back As A Hologram

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In the current day and age where technology is such a driving force in how we operate as a society, almost anything has become possible, even a TLC concert featuring the deceased Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes.


In 2012, Coachella first showed us this was possible when the company Digital Domain Media Group, resurrected the late Tupac Shakur for a live performance along side Dr. Dre and Snoop Lion. Fans were shocked as the hologram Pac rocked the stage with an uncanny resemblance of the real man.

The two living members of TLC (Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins and Rozanda ‘Chili’ Thomas) will be headlining the 2013 Mixtape Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The two day July concert will be the first time the ladies have performed to together in over a year.

tlc-considering-left eye hologram-the jasmine brand

Recently, T-Boz, discussed the possibilities of using a hologram ‘Left Eye’ for an upcoming tour. Peep some excerpts below:

I’m not sure about the hologram. We talked about that way before Tupac was at Coachella and a lot of people can say things like ‘O y’all should replace her, blah, blah, blah.’ When we did the show, no it was not about replacing Lisa. It was only to let somebody perform with us. That was it.

We used big LED screens and jumbotrons, what ever you call them and it took us ten years just to be able now to look back, like the last show is the first time I looked back cause I can’t, I have to have tunnel vision because it’s always a constant reminder that she’s not there. When I saw Tupac, I was kind of taken back like I had tears in my eyes; I felt some kind of way. It was so real. I don’t know if I can stand next to her like that.

When you’re not the person with the emotions you can say a lot of things because it’s not you and the money’s not worth what I would go through pain wise so that’s a big conversation we’re having.

Peep the video below.

Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes was tragically killed in a car crash in Honduras in 2002. The 2013 Mixtape Festival takes place July 26 and July 27 and will also feature Boyz II Men, DMC (of Run DMC) and others. P.S. What do you think about bringing Left-Eye’s image back in the form of a hologram? 

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