Royce Reed Responds To Being Fired From ‘Basketball Wives’, Calls Evelyn Lozada A Mentally Slow Hypocrite

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And just like that, the drama has kicked into high gear within current and former Basketball Wives cast members. This week, in an interview with Upscale, Evelyn Lozada made a few remarks about former cast member, Royce Reed. When asked about Royce not being asked to return for another season, Evelyn stated:

Royce has been a non-motherf—ing factor for the last two seasons, so it just didn’t make sense anymore.

Apparently, Royce caught wind of her comments and was not amused. She took to twitter, responding:

Well we see Iyanla Vanzant doesn’t work 4 every1 right? Some ppl are just mentally slow & walking hypocrites 4 life… :Shrugs & laughs: HA! IF I’m such a non factor WHY ARE U STILL TALKING ABOUT MEEEEE?! Girl GET YO LIFE it’s your LAST SEASON (last check) comin up.What u gone do? Silly girl… Lol… Stay sayin “I’m not worried bout Royce” but my name stay in yo mouth… #GroupieAlert I LEFT that ish in 2012…Poof Be Gone…ure almost 40… Or should I be scared of “your goons” cuz I’m not “bout that life”. Ok I’m done lol… That last tweet was hella funny tho don’t lie.. I love Mocking Birds…

Yikes! ‘Memba this?

Meanwhile, Jennifer Williams, who also has been uninvited for next season, remained mum about the casts comments about her. Though she did tweet,

Today has been interesting! I ? my life! New beginnings, never a dull moment! Thank you GOD! #blessed

What are your thoughts about Royce’s response to Evelyn? Is she simply bitter because she’s no longer on the show? Or was her response more than appropriate, since Evelyn made the initial comments?