Kenya Moore Talks Reality Show Backlash & Why She Would Never Lie About Her Relationship With Walter Jackson

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The former Miss USA, Real Housewives of Atlanta’s  Kenya Moore’s graces the cover of Everything Girl’s Love Fitness issue. In the issue, the 42-year-old Detroit native discusses her first stab at reality TV, her relationship with alleged boyfriend Walter Jackson and surviving a breast cancer scare. Peep some of the highlights below.

On why she decided to do the Real Housewives of Atlanta:

I wanted to do the show because it was a step outside my comfort zone. I wanted to get awareness out on a few projects I’m working on, also the work I’ve been doing for my foundation, The Kenya Moore Foundation. Reality television offers tremendous opportunities for your career.

On her breast cancer scare:

I have received wonderful feedback from sharing my breast cancer scare on the show from women all around the world who were afraid to go to the doctor or undergo testing. Making the decision was difficult at first because I honestly didn’t know what the outcome would be. With the help of my amazing doctor, Dr. April Speed, who is one of the best breast cancer specialists in the country, she helped me realize the importance of early detection. If together we could save one life, then it was an easy decision. I encourage all women to get tested and do monthly self-breast exams.

On backlash she receives from the show:

Some people make everything so personal and it seems like unnecessary attacks. That’s what I didn’t sign up for. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there’s never ever a need to be downright disgustingly mean and atrocious on any platform whatsoever.

On her highly criticized relationship with Walter:

I certainly would never put myself in a position where I would have someone on a show who isn’t in love with me or who doesn’t want the same things as me. Everyone knows that I want to be married and I want to have children. A logical person would never look at my situation on the show and think that I was acting. Now if he was acting, then shame on him.

On if she’s a girly-girl:

I can be. I think I’m a weird mix of both. I love heels and looking pretty. I love wearing makeup. I can’t go anywhere without eyelashes, but then I have a lot of testosterone and I love being physical. I have a very strange mix of the two.

Currently, Kenya is working on a show called “Brothers” with TVONE, an untitled film project scheduled to premiere this year and a hair care line. Click here to read the full article.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta