[Video] NeNe Leakes Clarifies Wanting Porsha Stewart Off RHOA, Why She Regrets Putting Sheree Whitfield On Show + Says She Never Believed Kenya & Walter Were In A Real Relationship

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Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes tells it all, literally, on her special one-on-one special with Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Live!’. Sunday night, the 45-year-old reality star turned actress gave her matter-of-fact opinion a number of RHOA hot topics, along with the ‘Housewives’ franchise in general. Peep a few excerpts from the interview.

If she thought she’d always be this successful: 

I’ve always been a dreamer, but I dont know if I ever dreamed this big.

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What her initial relationship was like with former RHOA cast mate, Sheree Whitfield: 

Sheree and I actually had a cool relationship. I would travel with her. I would go to the Falcon’s game. She just married Bob [Whitfield]. She was living in this huge fabulous home.

How she now feels about Sheree: 

I think Sheree is very evil. I think she is very mean and she is a true b*tch and that’s not cute. To be honest, Sheree and I had an argument before the cameras started rolling. I felt Sheree wasn’t being a good friend. She never would tell me about stuff. She was super secretive. Sheree just wasn’t a good friend and I just didn’t want her in my circle. I didn’t want anything to do with her.

How she feels about a friendship now with Kim Zolciak:

It’s hard for me to trust her. To me, it’s like Kim and I are both in two great places. I feel like we just agreed to let the past be the past. It’s a lot of work we hafta do to be that way again.

Accusations that at one point, she choked Kim Zolciak:

Well, something happened. But everybody came out fine. Wig intact.

How she feels about Kandi Burruss suing Kim over ‘Tardy for the Party’ song: 

Umm, I don’t know–it just really weird that Kandi’s going after her now. It felt like at the renion show that Kandi wanted me or us to say something to Kim. Everything that Kim and I have gone through is old news. I feel like I’ve argued with Kim so long. I felt like the rest of the girls, they’re a part of the cast, they can speak up also.  I mean, I’ve been yelling about Kim for a long time.

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How she felt on the last episode, when Kim walked off and left the show for good: 

I felt like if she left, it wouldn’t be the same. It was just a weird walk out. I already noticed that Kim was over it. I just didn’t want to see her leave. I look at each girl that’s left, it’s kinda sad when they leave.

If she felt similar to Sheree’s departure, as she did with Kim’s RHOA exit: 

No, Sheree needed to go. Sheree brought a lot of negative energy to the cast. I felt like she brought this weird, negative energy every time she walked in. She only had business going on in her brain.

If she ever walks past Sheree’s home under construction, referred to as ‘Chateau by Sheree’: 

It’s sitting up there like a box.

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How she felt about Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo, tonguing each other down on camera this season: 

It’s so nasty and weird. That kiss is awful. They should be in the bedroom. We can kiss like that, we just don’t need you to see it.

If she kept the gifts that she received, while dating a man named John, while she and Greg were divorced: 

Yes, I did. I kept them (the presents). I mean, Greg knows I was dating somebody. I was dating somebody, he gave me nice gifts. I kept them all. I have called him for business purposes.

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nene leakes-15 karat engagement ring-watch what happens live-the jasmine brand

How she feels about her new engagement ring: 

We wanted to get a karat for every year that we were together. We got 15 karats on just this ring.

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If she feels that the show ruined Porsha and Kordell Stewart’s marriage:

It’s so weird. People love to ask that question. I don’t believe that. Porsha and Kordell had problems entering the show. A lot of these men, all of these men, have been independent men, they work and support their families. And then all of a sudden, we’re in the spotlight. That’s hard for men to take.

If she was surprised that Kordell filed for divorce: 

I didn’t see that coming. I didn’t see him filing divorce. I never thought he wouldn’t show up at the reunion. It was like Porsha would be around us and she would put on this face. I don’t know if it was going over her head, that they were having real problems.

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If she continues to communicate with Porsha, since the divorce filing: 

I text her all day. She may text me, ‘I’m feeling sad’. I do that because no one did that for me. I try to lift her up and give her words of encouragement.

Why she said that Porsha is the housewife that should no longer be on the show: 

Yes. I did feel that Porsha at that time needed to leave the show. I’m a good judge of character. Porsha and Kordell were not being real enough. I felt like he had already stopped her from saying and doing stuff. This is not the show that you ‘Can’t do this, you can’t do that’.

If she still feels that Porsha should no longer be on the show: 

My opionion has changed. She should come right on back. Porsha has a big personality, she’s has a lot to say. Porsha should come back and be Porsha. He was stopping that. I want her to grow and live her dream.

How she felt about Phaedra, during the reunion show: 

I like the Phaedra that is ‘reading’ and is talking her trash. I like the fun Phaedra. I thought I saw Phaedra, the ‘real Phaedra’. Phaedra and I have had our differences. I felt Phaedra was funny as hell. She read. I like (that) she did it cool and calm.

Who won the ‘reading contest’ between Phaedra vs. Kenya Moore

I would have to say Phaedra. But nothing was more genuis then Kenya having that fan.

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If she believes that Kenya and Walter Jackson were in a real romantic relationship: 

I believe there was never a relationship, never. I believe that Kenya and Walter had a pact coming into the show.

Why she feels that she’s the overall point of reference for RHOA: 

I am definitely, It’. I think when they think of Atlanta Housewives, they think of NeNe Leakes.

What she regrets from seeing on RHOA: 

I regret my marriage being out there publically. I hate that I ever told you guys about Sheree. I just think that she’s not a grateful person. She feels very entitled. She was the wrong referral. I take it back. Sorry.

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Why she likes Jeff Lewis from the BRAVO show, ‘Flipping Out’: 

Now, that’s my friend. I like Jeff. Jeff is really something else. I love that he reads you and goes right back about his life. Jeff is definitely shady. You (referring to Andy Cohen) can definitely throw some shade. You do your head. Jeff is shady. He will say it right to you. And go on about his life.

What’s she’s learned to date: 

I’ve been through so many life experiences. If you don’t learn from every experience, you can’t grow.

Check back later for the full episode. BTW, what did you think on NeNe’s comments overall? Was she on point, or too biased in her commentary? And are you surprised about her comment about Kenya and Walter? 

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