[VIDEO] That Was Awkward: Twitter Reacts To Travyvon Martin Witness, Rachel “Dee Dee” Jeantel

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Well…that was awkward. On Wednesday, the controversial George Zimerman trial, continued. This time, Rachel Jeantel, the young woman who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin the night he was shot, testified. And according to her, Trayvon knew he was being followed:

A man was watching him … He kept complaining the man was watching him.

Rachel said that Trayvon said that the man watching him was a ‘creepy a** cracker‘ and she suggested that he may be a rapist. According to the Huffington Post, Rachel went on to say that Trayvon told her he was going to try to elude the man, and that the teen left the area but that he was still being followed. Rachel then said she told him to run, but Trayvon replied that he was close to his father’s fiance’s house. Shortly after, Trayvon told Rachel he would run home and then the phone went dead. Later in her testimony, Rachel said that when she called Trayvon back, he told her

the n*gga is behind me.

She said she heard a bump and then the sound of “wet grass.” She continued to explain that she heard TrayVon say “get off,” the call was cut off and she never spoke to him again. So what’s the big deal? During the cross examination, things got really intense between Rachel and Zimmerman’s lawyer, Don West. She became visibly frustrated and the two got into a heated exchange. Peep the entire clip of her testimony.

And as expected, your twitter friends were watching live and tweeting their two cents–some critical and some supportive of the 19-year-old witness.

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What are your thoughts on Rachel as a witness? Are folks being too critical of her on the stand or was she ill-prepared and unprofessional?