Gilbert Arenas Threatens to Sue Charlamagne & The Breakfast Club

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Gilbert Arenas is officially lawyering up! As you know, this week audio surfaced of him and his baby mama Laura Govan arguing with each other. The audio was initially aired on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, where he was named ‘Donkey of the Day’ by Charlamagne the God. The former NBA player has taken to social media stating that he has plans to sue the radio show, host and all parties involved, for sharing the recorded call. He writes:

My lawyers have sent a cease and desists to #BreakfastClub and laura govan,as well as any other website that publiches the #illegalrecording…..recording or broadcasting a illegal recorded phone call is a #CRIMEin many states and that includes#CALIFORNIA #yeahBOI and that can also result in litigation and damages hahahaha this is fucking groundhogs day….didnt the judge just say (she needs to wake up,govan just doesnt get it)#JUDGESheDidItAgain THIS IS A CRIME lol yo ass going to jail nigga (police wanna know where to pick u up at)#inreallife shes about to be on a real life episode of #orangeisthenewblack AS for the #breakfastclub after u retract.. IM SUING ANYWAY BITCH hahahahaha@cthagod thank you brother (GOD) IS GOOD, all the time…by time im done putting yall thru litigations,you will be asking me #Youfinishedoryoudone?#BankruptcyFilingComingSoon hahaha 26-0 in court about to be 28-0#courtmayweather @cthagod ill be donkey of day, but i hope after you try and settle you give yourself #CO-DONKEYof2016WithLaura lmaooo

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On another post, Arenas writes:

Im on yo ass like this@cthagod imma about to ride yo#DonkeyAss all thru the courtroom…aint no mo #BreakfastClub that shit about to be the #open24hoursClub yo ass about to be working all fucking day and night..fighting against my stupid…….FYI im the type of nigga that will spend 200k to win a 2k judgement #KingPettyhahaha i wins at all cost….NEXT time do what everyone else did (research) realizing that recording was from 2015 part of her #setup to gain full custody#Rejected #Big92.3 passed on it…next time (CALL) it will save u a ton of legal problems thats how #TMZ stay out of legal suits when they report story…..#DonkeyOfthedayVSdonkeyOf2016

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Charlmagne responded on Instagram as well. See below.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams