[Photos] The Game Throws ‘Cabo For A Day Contest’, Laces Lucky Fans With A Free Trip To Mexico!

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As of late, some of your favorite rappers are going above and beyond with small tokens of appreciation for their respective fans. Last week, via a radio contest, rapper Wale laced a Hampton University student with a scholarship. And this week, rapper/reality star The Game held his very own fan appreciation contest. The 32-year-old Cali native held an Instagram contest, picking two lucky winners to accompany him on a family vacation to Cabo, Mexico.

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The two lucky folk were @Viet_Dude and @Instayleen. The Game announced the winners, writing:

Congrats to the winners of the “Cabo for a day” contest@viet_dude & @instayleen !!!!!!! I had a long day shooting yesterday so after 10 hours of scrolling thru fans…. I’m takin’ my black *ss to sleep for a few hours but @taydoetv & @leauxsteez booked your tickets & got y’all to the airport so I’ll see you two in a few hours for lunch. Me & my family, friends & kids can’t wait to meet you…. Sh*t, I’m actually excited too ha ha ha….. This sh*t is kool !!!!!! & I know, I know, I’m the sh*t !!!!!!!!!! #ThankMeLater(Drake voice) … For all the people that entered contest but didnt win…. Dont be discouraged.. I’m doing another contest for the premier of #MarryingTheGame so keep following @leauxsteez & if you havent followed…. Do so now so that your already on point once I announce the next contest !!!!!!! Oh’ & for all the HATERS with no faith who thought the contest was FAKE….. ha ha ha ha….. Y’all got me f*cked up lol… Yo bad… Stay tuned to @viet_dude@instayleen‘s pages because the #turnup is about to get REAL !!!!! Welcome to CABO !!!!!!!!!! #VivaMexico#FirmBiz #ImRichMightAsWellFlyFansOnVacation#BetYoFavoriteRapperWont #N*ggasCantF*ckWitMe#AaaHaaaaaTheyComin #Biaaaaaaaaatch

Both expressed their disbelief and gratitude. Instayleen wrote:

Great things happen to those who work their butts off!!!! I could not be more thankful for this amazing opportunity. God put it in his heart to bring two lucky winners out here and I was one of them. I’m out here enjoying this beautiful scenery and Lord knows I deserved it ????? #GodsFilter#Cabo #ItsHotUpInHerrreeee

And after she arrived, she took of the Game’s Instagram, sharing this message:

This is @instayleen taking over the Games phone!!! For all you who said this wasn’t real, well this is as real as it gets!!!! We’re in Cabo all the way from Gardena!!!! Make sure you follow @jazzycupcakes too (finest cakes and cupcakes in the entire west coast!) i wish you were all here @anaisabel @jess_oj @stefy_jo @ayme_21@theelaura #vivamexico #TheGameDontPlay#betyofavoriterapperwont

Gotta love thoughtful folk! Check out a few candids of both winners enjoying Cabo.

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