Coach Stormy Accused of Cutting Her Daughter Off & Kicking Her Out Of The House Without Warning 

Coach Stormy, Maniya

Fitness Influencer Coach Stormy Accused of Cutting Her Daughter Off & Kicking Her Out Of The House Without Warning

It seems like there is some drama brewing between Coach Stormy and her daughter.

Well-known influencer and businesswoman Stormy Wellington (aka Coach Stormy) recently got into a heated dispute with her 21-year-old daughter Maniya Canty. It’s unclear what started the drama between the mother-daughter duo but Coach Stormy is being accused of cutting her daughter off without warning and kicking her out of the house. The fallout between Maniya Canty and Coach Stormy will reportedly play out on their upcoming docuseries with Lifetime called Million Dollar Hustle.

Some speculate that the ladies are faking their issues for the cameras but, according to Maniya Canty, that isn’t true. The young entrepreneur took to her Instagram live and shared her side of what happened with her mom to her 339k IG followers. She said,

“All I know is – and ya’ll will see this on the show. I’m not doing this for the show!”

She added,

“I came to Miami to number one – move. Number [two] – work on my relationship with my mom and boom, I ended up being in the show. I said I wasn’t doing the show no more – long story short – I was in the show, whatever.”


Maniya continued and shared that she believes her mom kicked her out because she unknowingly had dinner with a woman her mom doesn’t like. She shared that following the dinner her mother called her and said,

“I just want to be very clear to you or pass the message down to you if nobody else did, you are not to be in my room and you are not to drive my cars.”

“And I want you to move out.”

She added,

“You don’t do that to your child! Y’all keep texting ‘she loves you. She loves you. She loves you.’ Yes, that’s my mom! I’m sure she loves me but she got a very weird way of showing it.”


Coach Stormy has yet to directly address her daughter’s serious allegations but she did post a workout video to her IG page and captioned the upload,

“Part 1…. Remember The hate is real the love is fake !!”

Many people left comments under the video weighing in on the drama between Coach Stormy and Maniya.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel