[VIDEO] Is That Tongue? Tyra Banks Locks Lips With Bow Wow on BET’s 106 & Park

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Tyra Banks came back for seconds y’all! This week, the media mogul and legendary model visited BET’s 106 & Park, giving host Bow Wow some serious affection, for a SECOND time. So the backstory is that when Tyra Banks’ talk show was on air (‘memba back in 2005), Bow Wow was online telling folk how bad he wanted to kiss the imfamous Tyra Banks. When he visited her talk show, she granted his wish, giving him an innocent peck on the lips.

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Fast forward to the present day, and Tyra and Bow Wow decided to ‘remember the time’ and lip lock again. This time, things got a bit more steamy. Check the clip.

Cute. And after the segment, an OVERLY excited Bow Wow explained:

Imma just say it. I’m the hottest host on TV. Right? The hottest male host that you’ve ever seen, on national tv. I kissed Tyra Banks, on national TV. Not once, but twice. Now see, when I went on her show that was the first kiss….Now see, what really makes the whole situation so magnificent is…a real’s ladies man, if you have that type of power, you can reel her back to your spot…which is 106. I went to her crib, which was her show and kissed her, but then she came to my house, on a whole ‘nother network, and kissed me again….How many of y’all can say y’all kissed Tyra Banks, twice? But on the lips. Uhh, I’m cold ain’t I! Yeah, so that’s how I’m feeling. If you was me..you would be on this high horse too. I honestly feel like I’m the hottest television male host, on television. I’m for the people….So when I had Tyra on this show, I had to do it for the people. So I had to bring back y’all back to life and share the type of history me and Miss Banks got.

Check ’em out.

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