Ear Hustlin’: The Real Reason Michelle Obama Rolled Her Eyes @ John Boehner

For the past few days, folk have been buzzing and poking fun at the eye roll that First Lady Michelle Obama gave Republican House Speaker, John Boehner, at the inauguration luncheon. And while we’ve all speculated about why she rolled her eyes at John, now we’ve learned the inside scoop on what motivated entertaining shade.Here’s what happened. Michelle sat forward in her chair, allowing her husband, sitting to her right, and Boehner, to her left, to exchange a few words. She seemed annoyed with the banter, then rolled her eyes. So why the eye roll? Lip reader Larry Wenig tells “Inside Edition” that Boehner asked President Obama — a longtime smoker who claims to have kicked the habit — if he’d taken a smoke break, before the luncheon. The speaker, a chain smoker, then quipped,

“Somebody [Michelle] won’t let you do it.”

And bam, the eye-roll. Here’s the clip (btw, I didn’t see a serious eye roll, but maybe it’s just me):

There ya have it! [Page Six]