[Interview] Producer Will Packer Gets Personal: Talks Wedding Plans Second Time Around, ‘My Eyes Are Wide Open’ + Dishes On ‘Think Like A Man 2’


Who would have thought Steve Harvey’s book Think Like a Man would have been a blockbusters hit? Will Packer, producer/director of the movie struck gold when he turned this best selling novel into a movie. Thanks to Instagram, we’ve gotten an inside look of the cast while they film for the sequel, ‘Think Like A Man 2’.  We don’t know too much, but considering the film takes place in Las Vegas, we’re hoping it’s a “what happens in vegas, stays in vegas” follow-up. Even the director,  took a page out of the book’s production when he proposed to his girlfriend this summer at the Essence Music FestivaltheJasmineBrand.com correspondent [Sabrina Campbell] chatted with the director/producer recently, asking about his upcoming nuptials and getting even more scoop on his upcoming release. Check out our conversation below.


TheJasmineBRAND: So I see a little bit – a bit of a glow coming to you, is this because of the engagement?

Will Packer: You know what? It might be because when you get engaged, your woman takes care of you. You know, she takes care of me. And so I have no reason not to smile so yeah I’m happy. Engagement was awesome, thank you JasmineBrand for covering it. You’ve got great pictures, you put it up there, it’s awesome! I told her, “You know, now I’ve got to go to work and pay for that damn ring and this wedding ceremony”; here’s the trick about getting engaged and I think other fellas should know this – I thought I was gonna buy me some time, I thought maybe I had a couple of years once I proposed before I got married.

TheJasmineBRAND: This is not the ‘5 Year Engagement’?

It’s not, I was hoping for 5 PLUS! She’s planning a wedding for next year so I’m definitely in trouble. I’d probably should have thought that through before I got on that knee, but whatever. I’m here now and I got to figure out how to distract her before I have to say ‘I Do’.


TheJasmineBRAND: So what are some of the things that make you nervous about getting married?

 You know what? And all jokes aside, I’m not nervous. I’ve been married before – this is my second time I’m going into – my eye’s wide open. I know exactly what I’m looking for, exactly what I need, exactly what I can give to somebody and she and I are a perfect fit. I’m actually very excited about it, I’m not going to lie to guys that are nervous. I’m excited. I wouldn’t have proposed if I wasn’t excited about getting married.


TheJasmineBRAND: And what helped you to come to this decision about proposing?

You know what? I knew the time was right. I knew that in my heart and soul this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and I think that a lot of guys are afraid of it. When you know it’s real, I think you gotta just go for it, I really do.

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TheJasmineBRAND: So tell me how excited are you for ‘Think Like A Man 2’?

Oh, crazy-excited! You can bet it’s going to be awesome. The show’s going to be better than the first. I’m telling you know, it’s a really good movie. People are going to enjoy it and if you like the first one, you’re going to love the second one.

TheJasmineBRAND: What makes it so different?

We took everybody to Vegas, so it’s totally different. The first one was about the couples getting together and this one is about the couples having fun in Vegas and trying to figure out if they could survive all that is Vegas.

For all things ‘Think Like A Man 2’, follow producer/director @WillPowerPacker.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta