Wendy Williams Says Kim Kardashian and NeNe Leakes Deserve Hollywood Stars on ‘Walk of Fame’

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Kanye West isn’t the only that thinks Kim Kardashian needs a Hollywood Star. Talk show host Wendy Williams is chiming in, siding with Mr. West. A few weeks, during his interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye seemed livid that Kim wasn’t considered. He explained:

They said there not going to put my girl on the Walk of Fame because they said she’s a reality star. It’s like people are so, so dated and not modern. There’s no way a Kim Kardashian shouldn’t have a star on the Walk of Fame..It’s ridiculous old concepts.

Far fetched? Wendy too agrees. During her ‘Hot Topics’ segment, she shared:

You know that Kim wont be getting a star on the Walk of Fame any time soon. A spokesperson for the organization said that uh, Kim does not qualify because she’s a reality star…Meanwhile, Lassie’s Star sitting up there on the Walk of Fame.
She continued:
Well I think that whoever makes those rules is really, really out of touch. Reality stars are bigger than regular TV stars these days…Everybody in the world knows who Kim Kardashian is…Like it or not, these relaity stars are STARS. And my thought is they do deserve to be in the running for a Hollywood star. I think people in Hollywood, sometimes stick their nose up to reality TV because they feel that you’re not a real thesbian, you didn’t study at the School of Drama….How many people on TV on talk shows could I be hating on?
She added that not only Kim, but also NeNe Leakes and Teresa Giudice deserve consideration as well:

You’ve got to get with the times, Walk of Fame. And the fact is rappers are now becoming actors and reality stars should be on the Walk of Fame and that’s the way it is. And by the way, I would say NeNe would be next on the Walk of Fame for a star. And I would give a star to Theresa in Jersey…as long as she stays out of jail and comts to doing another season so I could watch her. I don’t think they need their own section…Walk of Fame. That’s it!

What are your thoughts on reality stars like Kim, NeNe and Teresa being considered? Far fetched or feasible?