After Surviving Heart Surgery & A Coma, The Game Thanks Firefighters For Saving His Mothers Life

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Rapper The Game is breathing a sigh of relief after almost losing his mother. In a personal Instagram post, the 33-year-old rapper shared how thanks to God and firefighters and servicemen, his mother was revived and rushed to the hospital.

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He wrote:

I want to thank everyone for praying for my mother during her short stay in a coma & those who have supported & sent love while she recovered. All the flowers, cards, well wishes & support through one of the toughest times I’ve ever experienced in my life…… Didn’t understand how REAL life could get until coming a hair away from losing my mother…. She layed in her car unconscious for 5 minutes while Latresa Jackson & Shalanda Williams pulled her from it & gave her CPR until Fire Fighters arrived & pronounced her dead on the scene not being able to resuscitate her….. That did not stop firefighters Gerardo Aguilar, Cole Kahle, Ismael Villalta, engineer Tony Monisvais & captain Ken Dellinger of the Lancaster Fire Company who never gave up hope & drove my mom 10 minutes away to the hospital shocking her repeatedly until they got a pulse & by the time they got there she came back to us…. I’m crying as I type this & I want all of you to know how much you mean to me for saving my mothers life as I was not yet ready to part with her. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART….. & I’m glad she got to meet you guys today… She’s been saying she wanted to meet the people who saved her life ever since she had awaken from her coma & today she did…… You’ll never know how much this picture means to me. She almost wasn’t in it…….. Thank everyone again for the continuous support. I’ve got the best fans & I love all of you on some real shit !!! Thank y’all for always being there for me… I will never abandon you – The Game


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