[VIDEO] Left Eye’s Sister Pissed At How Sister Was Portrayed in Film: ‘That’s Not How Lisa Was!’

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The list, albeit short, continues to grow of those unpleased with the VH1 biopic, Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story. To date, we’ve heard rumblings from Crystal Jones (an original TLC member) and Pebbles (real name Perri Reid), one of the original members of TLC’s management team, who were not a fan of how they were portrayed in the film. So who’s next? Reigndrop Lopez, the sister of the late TLC member Left Eye is speaking out. This week, she visited with Atlanta radio station, V-0103, sharing that neither she or her family feel that Left Eye was portrayed accurately. In short, Reigndrop says that her sister was not as selfish and egotistical as she was portrayed. Check out a few excerpts below.

If she wanted to reach out to T-Boz and Chilli to potentially portray her late sister: 
I thought about it, but I thought about their reaction and I know that they would not let it happen.
If she and her family were satisfied with how Left Eye was portrayed: 
Well, I would say as a whole no…because it does not show Lisa’s true character…it just pulls out some negative aspects like the drinking and it’s over done…and it just shows that she’s a selfish person…and pretty much stuff her way. And that’s not how Lisa was…Lisa was someone who would give you the shirt off her back…She was a very spiritual person….She was very, very intellectual…There was a reason behind what she did….She didn’t just do something because she wanted it her way….
Why he mother refused to watch the film:  
My mom did not watch the movie..She did not want to watch..I was actually privy to sneaking and get the script without them knowing…The stuff she was hearing, she didn’t want to see the movie…Yes, me and my brother…
If Left-Eye wanted to leave TLC: 
I think it was a combination of both…she wanted to express herself…in the way that she would feel comfortable…and she couldn’t really do that in TLC…
If the family had any say in how Left-Eye was portrayed:
No, evidently we don’t have a say. They came to us and got us to sign off on her likeness…and that was pretty much it.
If Left-Eye’s family will be compensated from the movie: 
I would imagine we are..I mean it seems like we would be…I’m pretty sure we are…I think we are, that’s what I’m saying.
How she feels about not meeting Lil Mama, who played Left-Eye, before seeing the film: 
I think it would’ve been nice to know who was playing Lisa…we found out online from the fans.
On what she remembers from being in the accident with her sister, at the time of her death: 
Umm, yeah, I don’t really wanna talk about that but I was there and I was in the accident…it was just a horrible scene.

Check out the full interview below.