[VIDEO] BET’s Keshia Chante Doesn’t Want to Be Labeled Drake’s Ex-Girlfriend: ‘We were NEVER romantic!’

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She’s the latest edition of BET’s 106 & Park, but most of us were introduced to her as Drake’s ex-girlfriend. With less than two months under co-hosting belt, fans and BET viewers are just beginning to learn about Keshia Chante. Hailing from Toronto, before snagging a position on the show, she pursued a career in music, hence her connection with Drizzy. This week, the 25-year-old visited Hot 97’s morning show and opened up a bit about her relationship status and surprisingly, she’s not too keen on being referred to as ‘Drake’s ex-girlfriend’. She shared:

It’s a weird thing for me because, we went to the movies and stuff like that but we were never romantic at all. Never. And that’s what’s so crazy. I think we kissed when we were like 14/15, like maybe at a movie, but we were kids. He’s said things in records before but, what’s funny is I think to know Aubrey is to love Aubrey, then to hate him, then love him again. That’s the type of relationship we have. It’s very much like a love/hate relationship. But we’re cool. There’s a respect there and there’s a friendship there. Being an ex-girlfriend, I totally will not take that title. Absolutely not because, we were never romantic. I was like 15 years old. I didn’t even know what boys were until I was 20. I was like the latest person in the game. It’s the truth, I swear to God. And I mean you guys saw the segment, we’re cool. There’s no weird, there’s no shade, there’s no bad feelings. People who date usually don’t come out cool like that…I’m just saying.
And although she’s UBER private about if she’s single or not, there doesn’t seem to be much of a chance that she’d venture into being boo’ed up with Drake again. She explained:
No, I don’t think so. I don’t know how to explain it, he’s just a cool dude. I see him as Aubrey, I see him as a good person, it’s not even like that. You know what it is? I think I’m tunnel vision. I’m the type person where I wouldn’t even…like there could be a guy who’s been my best friend for like 10 years who’s always liked me kinda thing, and I would never notice. Like I’m just that type if person.
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One of the more interesting parts of the interview was Keshia Chante sharing that initially, she was supposed to host the show, after Rocsi Diaz and Terrence J departed. Not having a working Visa in the states halted the process.
I’ve known the BET family for years. Stephen Hill the President, he basically put one of my music videos when I was 15, ‘Bad Boy’ into rotation. And I was ‘Rated Next’ and I had the new joint of the day, like I remember the whole thing. And he’s always been like a mentor and someone who believed in me. And we’ve always kept in contact…you know him and my mom. We were all very cool. Getting that call to do 106 and Park, I was very excited. I did an episode, I really liked it to my surprise. I’ve always been like music, music, music, and like for the first moment where I was like, This is fun. I like this, I like being a TV personality so to speak. I like it…it’s a lot of fun. There’s a lot of creative things to it. And then I got a second call to do it again. And that’s when I started to hear that there was a search going on. But I had no idea that I was kinda put into the search, and I was like, “What? What’s going on?” They did actively pursue me coming on the show for some time, but there’s so much red tape and so much logistics of being a Canadian and working in the States. And I’ve had a Work Visa before and I’ve done tours in America, but like I was so focused on Canada and it just kinda expired and I wasn’t  paying attention to it but uh…it was all timing. Like I know they were excited about me and they wanted me to be apart of the show, it was just the right time. So I guess I was just kinda waiting around to see when it would happen and it just did.
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