Rapper Chika Clashes w/ Tiny’s Daughter Zonnique Pullins & Family Online After Unintentionally Lashing Out At Them For Buying First Class Flights For “Screaming” Children: F**K YOUR KIDS

Chika, Zonnique Pullins

Chika Clashes w/Zonnique Pullins & Family Online After Unintentionally Lashing Out At Them For Buying First Class Flights For “Screaming” Children: F**K YOUR KIDS

Musician Chika seemingly sparked up a celebrity beef she really didn’t mean to.

Following a sleepless overnight flight, the 26-year-old went on a curse word riddled Twitter rant about a mother and her inconsolable infant twins crying on a first class flight. It wasn’t long before Zonnique Pullins, the 27-year-old daughter of famed entertainers T.I. and Tiny Harris, revealed it was actually her daughter at the center of Chika’s vicious verbal lashing.

Chika, real name Jane Chika Oranika, kicked things off, taking to Twitter to release her frustrations about a then unknown woman traveling first class with toddlers. She took to Twitter writing in a series of since deleted tweets:

“The the lady next to me who thought it would be a good idea to buy yourself and your twin infants first class seats on a red-eye flight, who just woke me up by bringing your screaming bastard to OUR seats to soothe her, I just bought $34 WiFi at 4am to call you a stupid b*****,”


“p.s., I hate you and I hope you get a paper cut between each finger tomorrow, you senseless wench…f***k you, h** choke”

Once Zonnique Pullins became aware of the posts, she responded with a video of her 2-year-old daughter and another child, seemingly sitting well behaved in their seats. The former OMG Girlz member captioned the video:

“wait I’m in tearssss not chika boo was mad my child was cutting up in first clas you should of just sat there and been mad babe..she sky priority af”

Zonnique Pullins & Daughter

As the internet learned the situation, users chimed in admonishing the Alabama native for her visceral thoughts. Many took issue with Chika referring to young children in a derogatory way. One user commented under Pullins video writing:

“People really be walking around and attacking other people because of their past trauma smdh. You nor the babies deserved all the rude and disrespectful things she said. I hope she heals!”

Others ended up on the complete other side of the spectrum, defending Chika’s rant. Another user stated:

“Your children being cute doesn’t change the fact that they were trouble to other passengers. Chika is not wrong.”

Before thing got completely out of hand, however, it seems the rap star did attempt to mend things. Chika posted images of the apology message she sent to Zonnique, adding that she doesn’t want to be “seen as someone” she’s not. Additionally, Chika made several videos attempting to explain how she hasn’t slept because she’s been working so much and was triggered by being woken up on the plane. The rapper, who gave the internet a scare last year after insinuating she was contemplating suicide, attributed the situation to having a “manic episode”. She made it clear that she’s not necessarily sorry for what she said as she took it as truth, but sorry for the meanness behind her words.

She also posted a follow up message to her critics on Instagram, writing:

“Stay mad,” the “Industry Games” talent began. “Being upset at a person ranting about an annoying baby that woke them up at 4 a.m. is a cute way to make you feel like you’re morally superior to someone. You’re literally not. Like I’ve been saying, I wasn’t rude to her, and that’s what I’m good with. I have the decency to be mad externally somewhere else. My only mistake was doing it on Twitter.”

Chika message about the backlash.

The music artist shortly after locked her social media account and proceeded to be addressed by Zonnique’s family directly. Elsewhere, the mother of the other child in the vide responded, refuting claims that the children were a disturbance. She also took her time reading into Chika just as harsh and aggressively as her initial rant was.

Additionally, Zonnique’s mother Tiny entered the chat, commenting:

“Yeah she talking about my MF’n grandbaby! Talking like she wasn’t supposed to be in first class or something! TF!!!!”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson