[VIDEO] Mariah Carey Confesses She’s Still Insecure, Compares American Idol To Working In Hell With Satan

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With her American Idol stint a thing of the past, Mariah Carey is speaking very openly about her American Idol experience. This week, the mother of #DemBabies and wife of media moguel Nick Cannon visited Hot 97. In between sips of sparking Apple Cider (or Prosecco) with personality Angie Martinez, Mariah confessed that even at 43 years young, she still is overly insecure. She also chatted about her hellish American Idol experience (her words not ours), rumors that she dated Diddy and how she handles her hubby in private. Check out a few excerpts.

On being insecure:
I’m trying to lose it. We’re working on it. I think when you grow up a certain way, when just feel like different then everybody else, you just have it.
On hating American Idol and some contestants not making it because of politics:
Honestly, I hated it..Here’s what it was, I was led to believe I was the first person signed on…

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta