Jeezy Moves To Los Angeles, Signs With Premiere Talent Agency And Plans To Take Film Career Seriously


Jeezy Moves To LA To Take Film Career Seriously, Appearing On Master P’s “I Got The Hook Up” Sequel

Jeezy is taking on an acting career and he’s already landed his first role. The trap music legend has scored a cameo in Master P’s upcoming sequel “I Got The Hook Up 2.” In an Instagram post last week, Master P shared a preview of Jeezy on set.

You never know who you are going to see on the set of I got the hook up 2. Jeezy aka Big Moe is a real actor. We making history.

Jeezy’s not stopping at his cameo in Master P’s film. According to reports, he’s taking acting very seriously and has officially moved to Los Angeles after signing to United Talent Agency. UTA represents actors such as Don Cheadle, Seth Rogen, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell. Jeezy has already begun auditioning for movie roles and says he’s producing a few projects of his own.

Authored by: Eleven8