Somaya Reece Relives Domestic Abuse Experience: ‘My first boyfriend beat my face to a pulp.’

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Somaya Reece has always spoke openly about her troubled past, in the relationship department. When she joined the first season of Love & Hip Hip (NY), she opened-up about being in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend that left her battered, bruised and an emotional wreck. The singer has since moved on and seems to be hella happy in current relationship (with fiance Frank Kush), but the memories of her traumatizing past apparently live on. Over the weekend, she opened up about her experience on Instagram, writing to her followers:

I love and embrace my imperfections. No one is perfect. No one will ever be. The thought of living or portraying a perfect life is not REAL! My life is transparent for a reason. I embrace the pain I have suffered. The reason why I made it out alive many times over was because I was meant to live in order to tell my story. To tell my story in order to inspire and motivate others. The physical pain will never go away, but my heart is in a better place.

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She added:

I still have night terrors from when my first boyfriend beat my face into pulp. I lost my hearing for a bit. I can still distinctly hear his haunting laugh while he was doing it. He punched and broke the majority of my top right teeth. He crushed my right temple & crushed my upper cheek bones. My right eye goes blurry every so often. The cut that goes from the right side of my head all the way to the back of my head still hurts. My gunshots and stab wounds are a daily reminder of why I thank God i’m alive. When you’ve seen death dead in the face, you fears no longer exist. No man on earth can every hurt me or try to instill fear in me. No man (or woman) on earth can determine my fate. And no matter how much or many have tried to bring me down. They can’t. All those that have done me dirty I don’t have to pray for, they need to seek prayer for themselves. Many have tried their best to hurt me, but i’m still here. I’m still standing tall with my head held high. I was once broken but never shattered. I’m here to send a positive message. When you’ve been through the sh*t I have, you realize what LIVING really is. And little stupid things are not important. You learn to be happy and find happiness in the smallest things. And that is exactly what i’m doing……LIVING! I seek happiness over bullshit. I seek to help others over being selfish. I don’t allow my past to make me bitter. I don’t use the excuse of my painful past as a reason to act up. I have a lot to live for. I have a lot of people to help. I have my family to work hard for. And I will continue to tell my story in order to inspire YOU. Oh and P.S #TeamFreckles in this pic :) Happy Sunday