[WATCH] Marsha Ambrosius Is A Sexual Abuse Survivor In “Without You” Music Video

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Marsha Ambrosius is back with visuals for Without You from her forthcoming album, Friends and Lovers. In the clip, the 36-year-old British singer and songwriter deals with the effects of being sexually molested as a child and love interest/duet partner Ne-Yo helps her recover from the pain. Earlier this month, Ambrosius talked to MSNBC’s Kyle Harvey about the powerful clip explaining:

As most of my videos are, I’ve never been one to shy away from tackling important issues, deep rooted issues that get swept under the carpet, that never get the platform and are deserving of such moments like this. Even with Far Away, Late Night Early Mornings…I’ve always made a point to make a point. So with this one myself and my manager Steven Mallett, the director collectively building this very very difficult subject.

She added:

Initially, when my manager approached me about wanting to tackle that issue I was like that’s so sensitive, they’re are so many people, my self included to a degree where I felt it needed to be spoken about in a way that it reach more than just my core fan base….I make the kind of music that emotionally connects so I thought why not?

Peep pics and the full clip below.

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Her sophomore album Friends & Lovers is set to be released next year.

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