DDG Shows Off His ‘Real’ Speaking Voice [WATCH]


DDG Shows Off His ‘Real’ Speaking Voice [WATCH]

DDG recently left interviewers stunned after showcasing what he refers to as his “real voice.”

During an interview with the “Dope As Usual” podcast, host Dope As Yola told DDG they had received hundreds of messages from fans prior to the rapper’s arrival that said they should ask him about his “real voice.” The podcast host asked the 25-year-old artist,

“Maybe it’s an inside joke, we had 200 people say, ‘ask him about his real voice.’ Like, what does that mean? Is that an inside joke?”

DDG, born Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., confirmed the voice he normally speaks in isn’t how he naturally sounds, before switching into a drastically deep tone out of nowhere. The Pontiac native explained,

“I just talk like this when I wanna make music and content and sh*t, but I really talk like this in real life, you can ask anybody. This how I really talk.”


DDG added,

“Like when I’m around my family and sh*t, I’ll do that. You know you got to make a character.”

Fans online have since reacted to DDG’s vocal change, with some users taken back by the young artist’s distinctively deep tone of voice, and others not so much.

See reactions below:

DDG’s speaking voice isn’t the only thing he’s revealed lately.

As previously reported, the rapper shared on his YouTube channel that his veneers have been causing him some issues. During the honest moment, DDG urged his viewers not to have the procedure done unless they have to. He shared,

“Back in the trenches y’all, back in the dentist. My two front teeth has been bothering me for like the past year with sensitivity and sh*t man. I ain’t gon lie y’all, don’t get veneers man, it’s pointless.”

The YouTuber added,

“Unless your teeth look like – dont get no veneers man.” 

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely