Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy Pleads To See His Daughter In Freestyle [VIDEO]

Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy Drops A Freestyle Asking To See His Daughter

Mr. Papers, the father of Lil Kim‘s daughter Royal Reign, revealed a song he wrote for the Queen Bee over the weekend. In a video posted on Instagram, Mr. Papers rapped along to an instrumental of Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst”. In the song, he discusses missing his daughter and the legal problems and custody battle that’s keeping him away. He raps,

Through all my regrets they say the boy blessed. I’m calling it stressed. My eyes water, I see my daughter’s barrettes and they say it’s my fault, man I guess. They say I got a cold heart, but I still gave her space every March 9th. I know she’s an idol, she’s an icon. But I’m from the streets and I got about 55 on. She got money with Mayweather. I sold drugs and p*ssy, told her it paid better. And instead of beefing with Remy, do songs with the girl, it could be way better. Whatever, besides the pigs cuffing me, I just want to see my daughter but you got custody. And you the best mother in the world but she still gonna be daddy’s little girl. Pray for me.

Back in 2012, Lil Kim and Mr. Papers broke up after Papers, real name Jeremy Neil, allegedly cheated on Kim two months after Royal Reign was born. Lil Kim also alleges that Mr. Papers physically abused her during their relationship. Since then, the two have been wrapped up in a custody battle over Royal Reign.

This wouldn’t be the first song Mr. Papers has dedicated to Lil Kim. In 2017, he sampled Total’s “Kissing You” in which he mentions Lil Kim and how hard it is for him to be faithful.


You can listen to Mr. Papers’ new freestyle below.


Authored by: Eleven8