Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas Admit 3 Months Without Sex, Almost Caused Them to Divorce

cynthia bailey-peter thomas-almost divorced over no sex-the jasmine brandApparently, sex is an integral part of a healthy and happy marriage. A popular reality TV couple is speaking quite candidly about a recent sex issue that they had when the cameras stopped rolling. If you’re watching this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, both Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey shared that things weren’t picture perfect because of a health concern. The 45-year-old model was suffering from fibroids.

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If you’ll recall, while the cameras were rolling, Peter made a light-hearted comment about them not having enough sex. And while Cynthia brushed it off, they’re both now sharing just how serious a sex-less marriage can end  things. In an interview with Life & Style, Cynthia confessed

We’d be divorced for sure.

Agreeing with his wife, Peter chimed in

I know we would have been done. There is absolutely no way we could have survived another year if things hadn’t changed.

Cynthia’s suddenly nonexistent sex drive was due to bloating and discomfort that she was experiencing because of the fibroids. And with no sparks in the bedroom, Peter admitted that he was contemplating cheating:

Me and my buddies were planning a trip to Venezuela because nobody knows us there.

But not to fret, all is now well with the couple’s romantic life. Cynthia confirmed

We’re intimate a lot more now and it feels great.

Sweet! P.S. Is not enough sex a valid reason to end a marriage? 

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