[VIDEO] Lisa Raye & ‘Single Ladies’ Cast Talks Reality TV, Cougars & Sexual Chemistry on Arsenio Hall

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With VH1’s series, Single Ladies, literally around the corner, the cast is going H.A.M. with promo. This week, we caught the show’s leading ladies Lisa Raye, Charity Shea, Denisa Vasi and newcomer LeToya Luckett chat about season three on the Arsenio Hall Show. During their segment, Lisa Raye explained the huge difference between reality TV and an actual show telling the talk show host

It is very different because it’s scripted. So it takes a certain type of skills…We breathe life into the words…It’s us being a character….I guess we kinda go through real things…
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She even referenced herself as a cougar, when beaming about just how much chemistry she and actor D. B. Woodside (who plays Malcolm, her love interest) have during love scenes:
He brings out the sexiness and the cougar, I guess.
She continued:
He’s the best actor that I’ve ever did a love scene with…I mean it’s just his body and his focus…and his preparation and his professionalism….it’s there…
Watch their full segment:

Single Ladies returns to VH1, January 6th.

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