Stacey Dash Says She’s Being Shadowbanned By Twitter

Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash Says She’s Being Shadowbanned By Twitter

It’s been a while since Stacey Dash ruffled feathers publicly. But it looks like she has someone upset because she just allegedly got shadowbanned on Twitter. Shadowbanning, which is also done on Instagram, blocks a user and/or some of their content from being seen.

The actress revealed the news and called out co-founder of the social media network, Jack Dorsey, in the process.

She also used the hashtag, #WWG1WGA, which stands for Where We Go 1, We Go All. That phrase is coined by Q Anon, a group of conservative conspiracy theorists who aim to uncover the alleged truths of how the world works, such as reports against President Donald Trump. 

Dash has been a heavy supporter of this group, and it looks like she feels this is why she received the banned.

She wrote,

“The shadow banning is REAL right now. People are so scared and silly. As if they can hide the truth forever lol. We see you @jack#WWG1WGA”

Dash has sparked controversy since first showing her support for Trump years ago. She also added that she was thinking of getting into the political race last year. She later pulled out of the race.

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