[VIDEO] Kris Jenner Explains Why Talk Show Was Cancelled, Rumors She Encouraged A Nose Job for Khloe + Why She Doesn’t Mind Her Daughter’s Dating Outside Of Their Race

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Kris Jenner is clearing the air, answering a hundred and one questions on the Kardashian clan. Known as the matriarch of the family, the 58-year-old mother of 6 stopped by Sway in the Morning’s radio show, answering questions about the latest season of the popular E! show, why her attempt at daytime talk flopped and whether or not she suggested Khloé get a nose job as a kiddo. Check out a few excerpts.

If she’s seen the crazy side of Kanye West: 

Well you know, he is an artist and he is a performer and he actually just finished the US tour. And I went to a lot of concerts…And I saw him working and creating and performing and doing his thing. And he is definitely one of the greatest performers I’ve ever been able to experience. And I’ve enjoyed that wild side of his personality as well. He’s got a side where he’s very definite, and he’s powerful, and he’s an amazing person. And he has the side that he shows to his family where he’s the most amazing dad, and partner, and son in law. You know…he’s a great guy.
Why her TV show was canceled: 
I really wanted to do more of an interview show and it didn’t start out that way. The show pulled in great numbers that did really well. But I think there wasn’t a spot for an afternoon female talk show at the end of the day. I don’t think there ever was. You know because, they’ve got a full schedule and it was for a specific network. It wasn’t like they could just make up, ‘Hey, here’s room for you’. I think that if they did talk to me about doing a morning show, in a different time slot, so we’re still kinda throwing that around. It wasn’t anything on if this was picked up or not, it was a matter of is there room for it somewhere.
 Not seeing color as an issue with whom her daughters date: 
I think that for me, and I’ve always raised my kids this way but it’s all about the person on the inside. That’s just the way we run our stuff. Everyone is welcome in my family, in my house, in my heart…as long as you connect with somebody.
If she told Khloe that she needed a nose job, when she was a little girl: 
She and I joke about that all the time. I think what happened was…I hadn’t read the article but it was a joke. We were teasing.
Peep the full interview below.


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