[VIDEO] SWV Talks Plastic Surgery, LeLee Being ‘The Whore’ Of the Group & Dating Charlamgne

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Popular 90s group SWV (Sisters With Voices) is in full promotional mode, pushing their new reality TV show, ‘SWV Reunited.’ And with new shows, comes new insight on just who these three soulful members REALLY were. This week, two of the members Cheryl ‘Coko’ Clemons and Leanene ‘Lelee’  Lyons stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, dishing on all types of ‘stuff’ that we were oblivious to before reuniting. For starters, and we’re guessing this’ll be on the new WE TV series, a VERY single Lelee went on an interesting date with radio co-host, Charlamagne the God. Secondly, LeLee was at one point engaged to former radio personality, Ed Lover. Apparently, the two had an intense relationship, which ended with LeLee murdering his car (‘I bust the windows out your car,’ Jasmine Sullivan style). The two (CoKo and Lelee) also admit that they’ve been under the knife, after putting on a few pounds and being called ‘fat’ by fans. Watch the entire interview, along with some of our favorite moments below.

LeeLee’s date with Charlmagne the God: 

We did and he dumped me to get engaged. I’m always getting dumped, I never have my way. He was going hard honey he wanted that booty…He wanted some poom, poom and I didn’t give it to him quick enough.
LeeLee Getting Brazilian butt lift: 
I got a Brazilian butt life. It’s when you take fat outta your stomach and put it wherever you want it and I put it in my butt. I had a butt before and I wanted to do something different. It was nice. You turn forty and I wanted to do something I’d never done before, it was an experience. You never realize how much you need your ass.
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CoKo Getting A Tummy Tuck:
We didn’t go to the same doctor. Its not irresponsible, we’re taking care of ourselves. Everybody was talking [about] how fat we are so wanted to get the fat sucked out….We were fat we knew it…I was 215 pounds I was fat. Walking down them steps at the BET Awards–that was not me. I’m 5’9 but it was a lot of weight on me.
Why They Broke Up: 
Coko: We go through things, we’re women. We fight, we get emotional and at that we hadn’t been speaking for 8 years we didn’t speak. So yeah, we went through a rough patch and to me they were my sisters anymore.
Reports that they were only making $25K a piece when they left the group: 
Lelee: The record company said you got $25,000 take this money. My [Leelee] damn money ran out and I was broke.
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LeeLee being labeled the ‘whore’ of the group:
Thats what they say. I am known as the Bobby Brown of SWV..I was a little wilder but I was just more out with mine, I didn’t give a damn. I was single and I was doing things single women do, but see they were more discrete. They did stuff but you wouldn’t know.
Leelee vandalizing Ed Lover’s car after learning that he was leaving her for another woman: 
I’m so glad me and Ed are at a great point. We went through so much. When you thinking that you are gonna be with somebody and my mother had passed away, he came to my mothers funeral and told my family, ‘I’m gonna take care of her, we’re gonna be together’. It just kinda went dead; next thing you know, ‘Aye, I got something to tell you, I’m back with such and such.’ I was like okay. Got on the next flight, did what I had to do. I was in Atlanta, I had just buried my mother.
All the lawyers called me. I f-cked that car up, man. It was me and my sister….It was in his community. The security guard was familiar with me…my sister was there and she was afraid to do it because the way that parking lot was set up there was a little light so you could really see…I was like, ‘If you gonna f**k this car up you better do it now’. When you sneaking..you gotta just do it. I feel so bad about that. But I tow it up. It felt so good. I got the hell outta New Jersey.
Peep the entire clip below.

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