[VIDEO] Kordell Stewart Declares His Sexuality: On everything I love, I’m not Gay. + Watch His 1st Blind Date

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His marriage to reality TV beauty, Porsha Stewart (Williams) may have ended publicly, but Kordell Stewart certainly hasn’t given up on finding love. Most recently, he’s been romantically linked to Braxton Family Values star, Towanda Braxton.

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Both seem coy when discussing their rumored relationship. Earlier this month, Towanda told Bethenny

He’s just a really nice guy, to me. And he’s a great dad.

Questions of Kordell’s sexuality have been discussed by his now ex-wife, Porsha, on this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. But the former Pittsburgh Steeler wants to make it clear that while he respects gays, he’s only interest sexually are with women. Recently, he allowed one of his radio colleagues, Shanae, play match maker. He addressed homosexuality claims, telling her:

Too many beautiful women in the world, to be indulging in sexual relations with another man, so if that’s what they chose to do, on everything I love, that’s not even a thought.

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Since he’s moved on, he’s still adamant about what he wants and what he doesn’t want in a woman. Not surprisingly, physical appearance is priority for Kordell. He said:

She don’t have to be a 10, but for sure no less than an 8. Again, an 8 is different….My thing is, as long as she takes care of herself. Really, that’s the gist of it. Long as she takes care of herself, I’m good….I wanna enjoy looking at you too.

His ideal woman has to be totally in love with him. He joked, she must love his

hot mess draws. Meaning straight up out the weight room, been out sweating all day, salt all everywhere, yeah.

Reiterating that his woman has to have a ‘donk’, of sorts, he noted:

An ass is mandatory.