Sheree Whitfield To NeNe Leakes: You’re A Bitter B**ch!

Sheree Whitfield To NeNe Leakes: You’re A Bitter B**ch!

The insults between Sheree Whitfield and her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star NeNe Leakes are at an all time high. On Wednesday, the pair exchanged negative pleasantries on social media. Sheree posted a lengthy social media message to NeNe writing,

@neneleakes I am not worried one iota about ur lies or anyone coming to me about what I was able to accomplish hands down, ALONE. I know being the bitter, nasty, jealous. hateful person u r, it may b hard to swallow, so not surprised u would hate and try to discredit. But what else would one expect from a woman who wishes RAPE on another woman! #vile Just know I sleep great at night and am very much at peace with ZERO worries! U on the other hand not so clear! R u still making those large credit card purchases and running up ur cc’s then calling them same cards in stolen or lost? How many times have u done that now? #fraud The FEDS may b coming to u! Won’t b long boo! God dont like ugly!!
And its so obvious the envy, hate and jealousy u have.. .u “claim” ur mad bcuz 1.U inserted urself in my personal life with your comments/opinions 2. bcuz I didn’t tell you had multiple bugs in ur house??? #girlbye #callOrkin #Twitterfingers #cyberbully u saw me for months but said none about this…even when I confronted u multiple times! So no, WRONG GIRL and WRONG ANALOGY! #BitterBITCH

Meanwhile, NeNe seems to have responded subliminally to Sheree’s comments with a series of tweets:


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Authored by: TJB Writer