[VIDEO] Father of Slain Teen Jordan Davis, ‘Visits The Breakfast Club’


Chances are, by now, you’ve heard the tragic story of murdered Florida teen, Jordan Davis, who was murdered in 2012 after being shot by Michael Dunn (47), over an altercation over loud music. Earlier this month, Michael was found guilty on three counts of second-degree attempted murder. The jury could not come to a decision on the charge of first-degree murder.

On Monday, Jordan’s father, Ron Davis, visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to share his side of the story. Check out a few excerpts of the interview.

On How He’s Stayed Grounded Throughout the Trial:

One time I did have to be touched by my attorney because I felt myself going towards him but at the end of the day what they want to do is lock us up anyway. If I go in court and start acting up that’s not going to improve the legacy of Jordan Davis. He doesn’t want his father locked up or to lose my freedom. The number one thing is to have the legacy of Jordan Davis that everybody knows – he was a great kid.

On How Jordan Represents Americans, Not Just Blacks:

He was only 17. He don’t get the chance to get married for the first time, get his first apartment, get his first car, hang out with his boys for the first time in his own car, in his own apartment – he doesn’t get any of that….We’re Americans too, we’re African Americans but we’re also Americans. We deserve the same respect that everyone else gets. That’s what I want to put out there and I think that’s what people are realizing that about Jordan because they’re looking at Jordan as an American kid, not just an African American kid.

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On Why He’ll Continue Fighting For His Son’s Legacy:

If somebody murdered your son or somebody murdered your daughter wouldn’t you like the world to know that that person did so and they were not justified in doing so? No matter what happens, as far as time is concerned your mother your father would want the world to know that you’re not justified in killing my kid and that’s what I want the world to know. I want the world to know that you are not justified in murdering Jordan Davis.

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On If He’d Like To Meet Michael Dunn In the Future:

I want him to see from the father of Jordan Davis why it was wrong to murder my son because he doesn’t understand that was wrong.

On Gaining Support from Travyon Martin’s Family:

I let them know that Trayvon is in our prayers all the time. Any justice I get for Jordan, I try to get for Trayvon. Anytime they need me to do anything for them, I’m always available for his family. I tell them how much I love them and we’re in constant contact.

Watch the full interview below.


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