[VIDEO] Co-Parenting Coolness: Russell Simmons Says Divorcing Kimora Was Simple


This week, Hip Hop mogul and Yoga enthusiast, Russel L Simmons (56), visited Bethenny, to promote his new book Success Through Stillness. In addition to discussing his pen game, Uncle Russell opened up about his relationship with ex-wife, Kimora Lee Simmons. As you know, earlier this year we reported that Kimora (38) is newly married, but this has not hindered her relationship with Russel. During his interview, he shares how he and Kimora are able to maintain their relationship. He also confirms that he in fact is dating 40-year-old American Pie actress, Shannon Elizabeth. Check out the conversation below.


On being good friends with ex-wife Kimora:

We’ve always been,  I mean even when we were divorcing it was  like ‘You want this? I don’t know.’ We were good friends always. She is a good mother too, it cant get better. My kids go to a school for gifted kids and they are well behaved. They are awake and conscious and she’s the reason. She’s an amazing mother and I go and meditate with them every  morning and take them to school, they’re just pretty and they’re an inspiration for my life obviously and she’s made them for me.

If he’s openly dating:

Well I mean we went out, we go out. She’s amazing and she’s great but its new, very new.

If he plans to marry again:

Yeah absolutely. I’m going to get married again. Yeah, I’m stupid I still think I’m young.

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If he’d like more children:

I would. Depending on the woman I married, if that was something she really wanted to do, you know, I love children and I love my children and I would love more. Ya know, but its not something like ‘I got to get another kid’ but I would.

Peep the full clip here:


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta