#BoosieSpeaks: Lil Boosie Talks Unfair Prison Treatment & Justin Bieber + Watch the Full Press Conference

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After a five year stint rapper Lil Boosie is a free man. The 31-year-old Baton Rouge native (born Torrence Hatch)  was released from Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola less than a week ago. Named in XXL Magazine’s inaugural ‘Freshman List’ in 2008, the ‘Zoom’ rapper entered prison in 2009, after pleading guilty to a marijuana possession charge, his third offense. In 2011, he pleaded guilty for trying to smuggle drugs into prison, adding eight additional years to his sentence. In May 2012, he was acquitted of a 2009 murder of Terry Boyd, who was killed in his home. Since his release, Lil Boosie has been spotted out and about, hanging with fellow rappers Young Jeezy and Lil Webbie at dinner in New Orleans. 

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On Monday, the newly freed rapper held a press conference ‘Boosie Speaks’ hosted by the Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee explaining his ordeal. Peep the excerpts below.

How he was treated by prison security after being acquitted:

At that point, the security got like hateful towards me. So, any little minor thing that had my name in it or any small thing, they would take good time from me. So, it kinda got harder after that part. Having people be so hateful towards you because of the verdict. So, people probably thought when I won that it was easy. It was a big burden off my back, but it’s harder when you trying to go home and people keep messing with you. And I was feeding into it sometimes too. Cause I don’t like people to talk to me any kind of way and do me any kind of way, but at a certain point I had to just say ‘I can’t do nothing about it. I’m just gonna not say nothing.’

The moments leading up to his release: 

My lawyer, my mama, they knew. I finished my class on Wednesday, so I was supposed to get emergency release. So, when Wednesday came I finished the class and the warden came and saw me. And I was like—I thought he was finna tell me to get my stuff. I was finna go. He was like ‘You not getting out til Friday.’ So, I was like ‘okay.’ I went on ‘head and went to sleep. I was mad. But they knew that the whole time I was finna get out. So, they came woke me up, ‘Let’s go.’ I thought I was dreaming at first, you know. So, they surprised me. They got me good. I don’t think they wanted the media to pick up on it as fast as they did. I was just happy.

Check out the entire press conference below.

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