Rapper Trina & Trick Daddy Angrily Yell At Each Other During Reunion [VIDEO]

Rapper Trina & Trick Daddy Angrily Yell At Each Other During Reunion [VIDEO]

Trick Daddy and Trina  are officially feuding. They got into a screaming match on the Love & Hip Hop Miami reunion as Trina accused Trick Daddy of being jealous that she put out more music.

“That’s why you’re mad. Let’s tell the truth. I put out a whole mixtape. What did you Trick? You didn’t put out no music. I did the record for you and I killed you on the verse. And that’s why you’re mad, so let’s talk about it since you wanna talk. We got on all black, I did your record and I murked you on the record. I put out more music than you, and you’re mad.”

Trick Daddy then stood up and responded.

“You ain’t gon’ say Miami without saying Trick.”

Trina added:

“Where is your music boy? You’re still doing music like it’s 1998 boy. The last time you were on a record is because Trina was on there. Everybody that’s in this audience has heard Trina over the last ten years. Have we heard Trick Daddy? Hell no. So let’s talk about it.”

Trick Daddy then said:

“If it wasn’t for Trick Daddy wouldn’t be no mother f***in Trina.”

Things got a little out of hand as they both stood up and walked closer to each other. They were both stopped by security.

The two also went head-to-head this season as Trina revealed she gave Trick Daddy’s wife, Joy, the money to divorce him. Before that, they were actually talking about working together again. But his wife stepped in when Trick Daddy started discussing strippers. That’s when Joy revealed Trina was helping her divorce him. That scene also ended with a yelling match between Trina and Trick Daddy.

See it below:

Afterward, Trick Daddy tweeted that it’s all love between the two.

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Authored by: Char Patterson