50 Cent Seemingly Confirms He’s Producing A Documentary About Diddy’s Ongoing Sexual Assault Cases: ‘I’m The Best Producer For The Job’

50 Cent, Diddy

50 Cent Seemingly Confirms He’s Producing A Documentary About Diddy’s Ongoing Sexual Assault Cases: ‘I’m The Best Producer For The Job’

Media mogul 50 Cent is seemingly making a move to capitalize on his long time rival’s recent downward spiral.

According to reports, the famed rap star has employed his G-Unit production company to make a documentary project about Diddy’s sexual assault debacle.

50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, 48, seemed to confirm the reports on his social media page. The “Power” producer reposted a media outlet reporting on the project with the caption:

“RAPPER I thought Diddy was a Billionaire music mogul, If he’s smart he will file bankruptcy now. Anyone with real money knows why I’m saying this. Im the best producer for the job guys. here come the receipts.”

Reportedly, 50 is working on the documentary which will deep dive into Diddy’s high profile sexual assault lawsuit brought by his former girlfriend Cassie. As we’ve been covering, the billionaire REVOLT owner, real name Sean Combs, was accused by his former longtime partner of ongoing physical and emotional abuse throughout their relationship. She also alleged to be the victim of a number of sex related crimes, including trafficking and rape.

Cassandra ‘Cassie‘ Fine, who shares a 17 year age gap with Diddy, settled her lawsuit in a record 24 hours for an undisclosed amount. However, it had been speculated that she was seeking at least $30 million for her pain and suffering. As far as 50 goes, it’s really no surprise he’s inserting himself into the situation. It’s widely known that the entertainer enjoys a good internet trolling session, especially with people he has beef with. A fews days ago, the G-Unit founder offered to buy his colleague’s media company “for a few dollars” after Diddy was hit with two additional sexual violence lawsuits.

The rapper also took to his X account to seemingly further cement himself as the “best” option to produce the Diddy documentary. 50 shared a clip of a few podcasters talking about his ongoing beef with the “Gotta Move On” artist, who suggested that people may need to pay more attention to those 50 chooses to publicly admonish. One of the shows host’s stated:

“If 50 has a problem with somebody, I’m starting to be like…we might need to look into it. He don’t just have random beef for nothing,”

50 has yet to release the receipts his says he has, nor any further details about the upcoming documentary at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson