Three Months Before Her Release, Rapper Remy Ma Talks Plans After Prison

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Just three months before ending her stint in Westchester, NY, rapper Remy Ma (real name Reminisce Smith) is prepping for her comeback. The 32-year-old, who was infamous for her collaboration with the Terror Squad on the single ‘Lean Back’, is currently serving eight years in the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women. In 2007, she reportedly shot Makeeda Barnes-Joseph in the abdomen over a missing sum of $3,000. Fast forward to the present day and Bronx-bred femcee is chatting with Billboard about lessons learned during her incarceration, reality TV plans and what she’s cooking up (professionally and personally) after she’s released.

Incarceration (2008-2014)

You can’t believe everything that people say about someone. I’m a strong believer that things happen for a reason. I’m not the type of person to bring someone down to save myself. I’m always one to take one for the team. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to make sure everything else is right. At first when I went through what I went through, people said, ‘Whey didn’t you work out a deal?’ I never took the stand. I let people say what they wanted to say, and I just took the decision. That’s the person I am.

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Pending Reality Show

That’s when reality shows weren’t as ratchet as they are now. I’ve been getting some calls about it but I’m like, ‘I’m good.’ I am going to be honest, I’m scared of reality TV. That’s one thing that’s not on my list to do when I get out. Once I have my music solidified, then I’ll consider reality TV.

What’s Next?

I have so much material that I’ve been working on and so many topics I want to touch on. I’ve grown so much as a woman and as an individual. I know that I can bring something to the table that’s missing. I don’t hear the things that I want to say or have experienced; I don’t hear it in the music that’s out.”

I’m writing about my own stories but also the stories of the people I’ve come across while in prison. I’m not in jail, I’m in prison. You’d be surprised as to how many women come through here and what they’ve experienced. I’ve encountered people from all over the world.  I’ve always rapped about my struggle and living a hard life but there’s a lot of things that are serious, like gang issues, immigration issues, domestic violence issues… There’s some women in here, 18-year-olds with ambition, who may never see the light of day. I thought I had a hard life, but I’ve now experienced a whole different world. It’s serious. I’m going to put it in my music.

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When She Gets Out…

I’m going to get my hair done. I’m going to get my nails done. [Laughs] People see me as this rough tomboy. I’m a girly girl. And I’m married! I’m over here married, without my nails done. I’m going to get dolled up. I’ll then knock out a few things [and] lay down some melodies. I’ve written a lot down but I haven’t been producing so I just write and listen to the radio. I think that if I get in to the studio with some of these guys that are out – like Rico Love and DJ Mustard – I’m going to get so lit. [Laughs]

remy ma and husband papoose-the jasmine brand

Remy Ma, Husband Papoose Circa 2013

After I get dolled up and lay down some records and my voice is out, I want to get away and get my back blown out for like a week. Mess up the hair and make-up that I got done. I have been in prison for a while. [Laughs]

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