[UPDATE] Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reality Star Benzino Shot At Mother’s Funeral By Nephew, Hospital Photos Released

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Some alarming news for friends and family of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino (real name Raymond Scott). Reportedly, the 48-year-old Boston native was shot Saturday afternoon. According to TMZ, the former Source Magazine owner, was shot while driving in his mother’s funeral procession.

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Allegedly, the incident went down, after an argument erupted between family members in the funeral procession.  Benzino was shot and and then rushed to the hospital.

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Benzino and his fiancee, Althea

According to the site, the rest of the family went on with the funeral and the preacher says when they arrived both the limo and the hearse were blood stained. As of now, he is currently in the hospital but, the seriousness of his condition has not been shared.

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Benzino’s most recent updates to social media, reflect his love and admiration for his late mother.

Earlier this week, he posted the photo above with the caption:

God knows I have been through alot in my life, BUT EVERY INCH OF GOOD, KINDNESS AND LOVE IN MY SOUL IS BECAUSE OF THIS WOMAN, A BIG PART OF ME IS LOST NOW AND I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, MA WORDS CANT EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR YOU.I WILL MISS EVERY BREATHING MOMENT, I DONT KMOW HOW I WILL CONTINUE KNOWING YOU ARE NOT HERE….She was a beautiful, stong, hardworking, independent, caring, loving, stern, proud Cape Verdean woman, now she is an Angel, God is lucky, trust me she is in Heaven watching me and I wont let her down. R.I.P Mary Ann Scott…….my Mother

Reportedly, police already arrested a suspect. Story developing. 

UPDATED // 8:45 p.m. EST

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According to the New York Daily News, Benzino was shot in the right arm, while driving through Duxbury street, in the processional. The funeral was held at  St. Peter’s Church in Plymouth. The shooter opened fire from behind the wheel of his Bentley around 11:55 a.m., and was quickly taken into custody without incident on charges of armed assault with attempt to murder. The bleeding Benzino climbed out of his red Dodge SUV after the shooting and flagged down a passerby. Conflicting reports suggest that Benzino was shot by a relative. Authorities say it was unclear what kind of beef ignited the gunfire as the cars drove behind the hearse carrying Benzino’s brother. He is reportedly in stable condition.

Story developing.

UPDATED // 1:58 a.m. EST // March 30th

According to WCVB, Benzino was shot by his 38-year-old nephew, Gai Scott. Officials said there had been growing family tension between Benzino and his nephew. A statement reported that at one point, both men were driving side-by-side when Gai fired shots into the car Benzino was driving.

As previously reported, Benzino was taken to the hospital with non-fatal injuries.  Gai Scott was arrested by Plymouth police and charged with assault with intent to murder. Photos of Benzino with his fiancee and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta friend, Stevie J, have been shared on social media sites. No official statement from Benzino has yet been released.