[VIDEO] Brawl Breaks Out With Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Cast + Benzino Proposes To New Girlfriend

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The season hasn’t officially started for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but the drama is being filmed as we speak. Wednesday night (February 5th), cast members Stevie J and Benzino opened up their new Atlanta restaurant, Sleezy & Zino Bistro & Bar. Press was invited (our TJB team was present), guests and of course the VH1 cameras were rolling.

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Benzino and his new girlfriend

The details are still fuzzy and unconfirmed, but from what we’re told a few different scuffles broke-out. Apparently, Benzino has a new girlfriend (Althea) and she was his date for the evening. Karlie Redd, Benzino’s ex-girlfriend was present, as was Erica Dixon, Shay Johnson and Momma Dee.

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Benzino’s new tattoo of his girlfriend’s nick name


We can’t tell who really started what, but the end result was allegedly, a drink being thrown on Karlie Redd, by Benzino’s new girlfriend.

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We’re also told that somehow Lil Scrappy became involved and also got into a scuffle in another part of the club.

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Blogger Funky Dineva shared his account on his Instagram page, writing:

Ohhhhhhh B*tch!!!! Chile, i just hung up the phone with a few people and they say it went DOWN at the Grand Opening of Stevie J’s & Benzino’s new restaurant tonight. Chile the folks said it was like World War III up in the place and Benzino’s new girlfriend is all to blame. Details are sketchy at the moment, but I’m going to give you what the hell I got so far. First they say a screaming match broke out between Benzino’s new girlfriend and Shay Johnson & Tierra Marrie [we think]. Where there is Shay, there is Momma Dee. Lawd they say Shay & Tierra Marrie [we think] were trying to get in Benzino’s Girlfriend’s a$$ and Momma Dee had to hold them back. Later on as the evening progressed, Karlie Redd & Erica were seen chatting it up in the corner. Some time later Benzino made his way over to Karlie and a small argument broke out. Then they say Benzino’s girlfriend made her way over to Karlie and the static began once again. Somehow or another, Benzino’s girlfriend ended up throwing a glass of champagne in Karlie’s face, but when she did, the cup hit Erica. At that point, Erica jumps up and is trying to get her a piece of the action too. Bae Bae they say Benzino’s girlfriend ran to the bar, grab a bottle of Liquor, and slung it all the way across the room. Chile they say liquor was everywhere.

Momma Dee, who we hear was seen yelling throughout the ordeal shared very little about her involvement:

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At this point, the folk that were allegedly involved, have stayed mum. If you’re familiar with reality TV, you know that the cast isn’t allowed to discuss any parts of filming before the episode airs. Anywho, details will continue to spill and we’ll keep you updated. Here’s footage of the brawl.

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Congrats are in order for Benzino and his new girlfriend. Reportedly, he popped the question and the two are now engaged.

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The reality star shared the news on Instagram, along with a few photos of his new fiancee’s bling.

All my life i’ve been waiting for God to bless me with the stregnth to finally step up and be a MAN!! NO MORE GAMES! I DONT NEED A DATING SHOW!! CAUSE I HAVE FOUND MY ANGEL, I CAN SAY I KNOW WHAT LOVE IS NOW!! @luvheraltheaheart


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