[VIDEO] Ray J’s Spoof Wasn’t Meant To Be Disrespectful to Kim Kardashian, Dodges Rumored Beef With Floyd Mayweather


Actor/singer/businessman, Ray J, (33),  is making a buzz in entertainment yet again. With his recent skit featuring comedienne Joan Rivers in their own ‘sex tape’ and his takeover at WEtv, he shows that although he has a playful side, he also had a serious side. Recently, Brandy’s baby brother stopped by GlobalGrind, dishing on a ton of stuff – why he decided to jump in bed with Joan and being perceived as ‘reckless’. He became extremely tight-lipped around discussion about his rumored crumbling relationship with boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his relationship status (whoever she is, he’s adamant that he loves her). Anywho, check out some of our favorites below.


On his IMBD/Hollywood Portfolio
See people don’t know I played in “Mars Attack” or “Steel”, or “The Enemy Within” with Forest Whitaker or “Black Sash” with Russel Wong. I got a lot but people only  only notice the recklessness. They don’t kinda look back and say ‘Damn well he has been on 5 consecutive network television shows and a series regulars. Ya know, he did over 7 movies whether it was “Aftershock” with Cicely Tyson or the “Enemy Within” with Forest Whitaker on HBO…I mean Mars Attack with Jack Nicholson and Pierce Bronson and Michael J. Fox’. Like…I’m still putting in my work though, I’m just getting started. I got a long way to go and I still got dues to pay. So I’m not tripping so if people don’t recognize me now, they’ll recognize me.
Why He Got in Bed With Joan Rivers
With WEtv being my team, we’ve been pitching ideas around with WE for the past 3 or 4 months. Then Joan called me about this crazy, personal, video thing and I was like, ‘I can’t tell Joan no, because she’s the OG’. So I said yea and then we shot it and now everybody is tripping. But its healthy and its fun. And If people watch SNL, they should appreciate this kind of humor of my life. I’m not trynna take no shots at nobody, I’m not trynna disrespect nobody. Ya know, this is my life at the same time. Can I Eat? (that’s my slogan) ….
One of my right hands David  called me and said Joan Rivers wants to do something big  with you, she wants to get in the bed with you. And I said well, ‘I don’t believe you and if that’s for real then you tell Joan to call me, once I hear Joan then we can figure it out.’ Then when she hit me I was like alright I’m down. We worked out the money and then the deal went into promo; all thats extra. I’m down with Joan Rivers, we turn up.
If There Were Awkward Moments with Joan
It was cool. I walked in the room and she had lingerie on. That’s the thing, being that she just turned 80 (years  old) she wanted to do things that she’d never done before, she wanted to take her life to higher heights or maybe get a little kinky. So she called me and I’m very kinky at times. So for me to lend a hand, and more than a hand, I lended a few things … it was just unforgettable.
If He’s Ever Been With A Woman As Seasoned As Joan
Nah because I’ve never been with a woman who’s 80. But it was fun and again it was all in humor we’re making jokes of ourselves. If you know me, we always joke about the crazy sh*t we do whether we mess up and make mistakes we always clown we learn from everything. So with her reaching out to us it just was cool with us because we always clown anyway.
Projects He’s Working on Now

I’m on like 6 different networks right now and I got a deal with 4. I can’t say what because one network might trip on the next network. My loyalty is to Oxygen, Shoutout to Oxygen, we just had the #1 show Bad Girls Club: Allstar Battle. The reunion was crazy, all of the numbers have been consisted at #1, so I’m there. But I do have other opportunities with my ideas for other shows that I’m not in the forefront of with other networks so If they need me to do a favor like come out here and turn up…then WEtv , I got you!

Love Live, If He Has A Special Lady
Right now…I’ve decided to keep my love life as a separate thing. Because once I start talking about my love life it just stars opening up too many different doors. So, the person I love…and I love you to death…you know I do, it’s between us.
Plans For Marriage
Yes…If God blesses me with that opportunity, I would definitely take it.
Friendship With Floyd Mayweather
Listen, that’s the homie. I don’t want to get into all that because that’s my peoples and  now we starting to go somewhere else. We straight and that’s the homie but we gotta rap it up now because it’s starting to go somewhere, I’m starting to feel it.
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