[VIDEO] Peter Thomas & Cynthia Bailey Address NeNe Leakes’ B*tch Comment, Husband Spin-Off Rumors + Kenya Moore’s 911 Call

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Slowly but surely, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas  are amassing a power couple status. Continuing to address their Real Housewives of Atlanta drama from last weeks explosive episode, they stopped by V103’s The Big Tigger Show. The husband and wife duo played off of each other as they addressed NeNe Leakes’s b—h comment to Peter, the term ‘Ratchet Reality’ TV, Husband Spin-Off Show rumors and even entertained Tigger’s questions on Kenya’s 911 call.  Check out what model and her hubby had to say below.

Cynthia Bailey

On NeNe Leakes Calling Him a Bitch:

[Peter] I didn’t let NeNe do anything. Lenithia is doing is doing what she’s best at doing, stir it up,  that’s what she’s really good at doing, that’s how she got famous.

On Cynthia Jumping In:

[Cynthia] Nene and I have been friends for a long time. So it wasn’t a situation where there was a beef going on and I knew the potential, even Peter and Gregg to fight, was even going to happen. So by the time we realized they were fighting, we were both upset about it, so I’m thinking when NeNe jumped in—which I don’t know why she jumped in—I thought she was going to help break this up, not jump in and call Peter a b—h. So at that point I’m like, ‘Oh my god Peter and Gregg are fighting, oh my god Nene’s going to fight’. I wasn’t even prepared for. I didn’t see it coming and I was kind of in shock.

On Rumros That the Men May Have A Spin-Off:

We weren’t trying to create nothing. What happened was I went to Andy Cohen show and was like ‘why don’t you ever have us up here, your on 5 days a week’ and he said ‘you know what Peter that’s a good idea, I’m going to have you guys on here’. So we went up there and the highest rating show ever is with the four guys on it. So of course its a business thing and Bravo see’s that ‘oh my god, people care about these guys, we didn’t even know they exist’.

Cynthia Bailey Peter Thomas

Addressing Ratchet Reality Show Criticism:

[Cynthia] I definitely make every effort to handle myself with class and integrity, I am only one woman so I can’t be responsible for how the other ladies choose to carry themselves. But I think I do a pretty decent job of representing myself.

[Peter] You know she’s never cursed on the show. In four seasons, she’s never said the F bomb, H bomb, none of them, never ever.

[Cynthia] How you going to interrupt me first of all, I wasn’t finished (laughs) but yes Peter thanks for pointing that out, I’ve never cursed on the show but I do curse. You have to realize, we inspire a lot of young girls on the show with my school, The Cynthia Bailey School, regardless of how I am behind the scenes, I really try to represent myself in a positive light when it comes to the show.

Cynthia Bailey RHOA

On Rumors About Their Marriage

[Peter] They keep on talking about me on that particular website saying that I step out on my wife. I think they have me stepping out on her every other month.

[Cynthia] No every month, every 30 days. Its actually apart of the game, the whole being out there for the public to have their opinions about you. I don’t really read too much into it. Peter and I are pretty transparent at this point, we’re older, we’re not about that young, step out on each other—if we don’t want to be together, we’re just going to break up and divorce its not that complicated. Another point, Peter’s very accessible because of Bar 1. Women come into Bar 1 with an agenda sometimes, so they can get to him. A lot of the husbands, they can’t really get to.

Peter Thomas RHOA

On Eviction Rumors:

[Peter] There’s some truth to what they’re saying but the person that’s filing the suit against me can’t technically sue me for anything because I don’t have the deal with them. The other stuff they could sue me about they can’t they are incorrect, I don’t owe any money.

Watch both interviews below.

Part 1


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