Omari Hardwick Recalls Denzel Washington & His Wife Taking Him In: They Gave Me $1,500 When My Car Was About To Be Repoed

Omari Hardwick, Pauletta & Denzel Washington

Omari Hardwick Recalls Denzel Washington & His Wife Taking Him In: They Gave Me $1,500 When My Car Was About To Be Repoed

Omari Hardwick’s connection to Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta Washington goes back to the earlier days of his career.
The former “Power” star recently did an episode of TV One’s UNCENSORED, where he tells the story of how Pauletta Washington and Denzel Washington took him in and helped him get started in the acting world.  It began once Omari Hardwick and their son, John David Washington, got close while attending a majority white school called Marist in Atlanta.
“It was another kid who really took to me and his name was John David Washington and John David Washington turned out to be Pauletta Washington and Denzel Washington’s son.”

John David Washington

He added,
“It was a nothing but white people around in the cafeteria and he couldn’t really find a cafeteria table where people looked and smelled like him full circle.”
Omari Hardwick also says that Pauletta Washington took him under her wing quickly.
“As I got closer and closer to him Pauletta took to me very quickly. She initially told me ‘I don’t have another space in my home’ or she might have said ‘I don’t have space in my mind to deal with another crazy Capricorn.’ She said it with laughter.”
He continued:
“At that point I knew that Denzel was a Capricorn. It was just a joke because she took me in like like nobody’s business. She became my mom away from my mom. She became so much to me so we got super close.  And I was broke and then Pauletta and Denzel eventually let me couch in their house sometimes. I would just be just be over there just for peace and spirit. Pauletta has such an incredible spirit, and energy…”

Omari Hardwick

Omari Hardwick also details the moment he felt like he made it when he landed a role on the 2004 show ‘Sucker Free’ which focused on White, Black, Latino, and Asian street gangs located in San Francisco.  He adds that the Washington family still gave him money one last time when he was in need.
“John David and I got super, super super close and still to this day… So during that time I was all excited to go back to them with that news, you know that ‘Sucker Free’ was something that was going to make it where I didn’t need to borrow money from them anymore and I never did. But they definitely gave me $1,500 when the car was about to be repoed.”
Check out the clip below:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo