[VIDEO] Akon Jokes About His Dark Skin, Clarifies His Business Deal With Lady Gaga


Recently, singer/producer Akon (real name Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Bongo Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam), stopped by Power 106’sBig Boy’s Neighborhood‘. The ‘Locked-Up’ singer, who is caked-up (to put it lightly) chats about his riches (yes, he actually has a gas station at one of his homes), what his business relationship status is with Lady Gaga (last year, their was a big fuss on whether or not he discovered the pop star or if Vincent Herbert did) and jokes about how dark he is. Check out a few interesting excerpts below:

Power106: I hear your brother’s get mistaken for you to get free stuff? Is that true?

Yea, you remember back when I was talking about a reality show I was going to do? Yea, it was supposed to be based on Bu. Like before then, he would do shows for me. He started doing shows with me because he had to learn all the songs for me and sometimes I would get double booked, so I would send Bu. I would send Bu to one radio show while I’m doing another radio show.

Power106: Do You have a gas station on your property?

Yea, I got one at the house.

Power106: Is it Akon gas, what is it?

I had did a deal with a particular gas company back then , but its part of my business in Africa on the oil side and I just got my own pump. I think it holds about 10,000 gallons.

Power106: In the years you have gotten lighter.

Aw nah, I gotta go tan now. It’s a glow…there’s a difference.

Power106: When I heard Kush, Dr. Dre’s single, that kind got me thinking like okay ‘Detox’ is going to come for sure. Have you heard it? Do you know anything that we can just take from it?

I’m probably the biggest Dr. Dre fan in this room. And I know how many records that I have recorded towards that project and honestly I don’t know what the wait is. But I just felt…to this point now, when it comes, I’ll be excited to here it….but I know the average person is just to point to where they’re just waited out…I think the longer he waits, the more pressure he going to have to make it that much doper.

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