[EXCLUSIVE] Nick Cannon Talks White People Loving Him, Morning Sex + Why He Doesn’t Want His Own Network


Nick Cannon, 33, is still on his mogul hustle. Aside from being a devoted husband and father to his twins with Mariah Carey, he shows that being a multitasked in Hollywood isn’t so hard. A week before popping up with his controversial white face and cheetah print hair, we chatted with him at his private album listening party at OHM Nightclub. Check out what he has to say about why white people love him, morning sex, if he’s considering pursing his own channel and more.

thejasmineBRAND: “White People Party Music” Interesting title…were you concerned at all that you might offend some of your white fans?

Do I look concerned? White people love me.

thejasmineBRAND: Why do white people love you?

I don’t know but I love them too. It’s a whole big loveliest,  I love them so much I named my album after them. Anybody who takes my title or me seriously…they need to get their head checked because I’m really all about having a good time. Really, I named it ‘White People Party Music’ to show that it’s like, ‘Yo’ don’t take yourself so seriously’. Everything isn’t a life or death issue. I mean even if you want to take it to that place, even in my stand-up I talk about ‘we’re all racists’ there’s no way to get around it. But when you have hate involved in it, that’s when its a bad thing. Everybody knows me,  I’m a lover but you can definitely talk about the differences and embrace them and have fun with them.

thejasmineBRAND: Now you took a small break from music but you came back. What keeps pulling you back?

Everybody says I’ve taken a small break, I just haven’t put out an album in a long time. But I’ve one everything from Dj,  I’ve had a radio show for years, I’ve been executives at record companies, I’ve done so many things where I’ve been a part of stuff but I just didn’t put out music myself. I’ve put out artists, I’ve signed them, I’ve kinda worked records but now its like let me jump back into this and get it going one more time.

thejasmineBRAND: You are the chairman of Teen Nick and we do have some African Americans that are having their own network. Is that something you are considering at all?

Interestingly enough, I’m coming out with my own tablet and on that tablet I have my own network, it’s an incredible network. So while everyone else is focusing on having a television network, been there, done that. I’m going to the screen that this generation is focused on. We’re doing a lot of digital content and creating it for the NCredible tablet so it’s about to be really cool.


thejasmineBRAND: Would you consider producing any reality TV or doing any yourself?

We’re actually producing a couple of the reality shows and there’s stuff that I have actually produced in the past that I may or may not have put my name on… for different reasons but I’ve definitely dabbled in that world quite a bit.

thejasmineBRAND: Your favorite curse word?

Muthaf*cka! I love it. You can say it for so many different reasons. Like it can be a noun, it’s an amazing word, it can be an adverb at times. How many times can you say that?

thejasmineBRAND: If you were a super hero, what would be your super power?

To control time.


thejasmineBRAND: What’s the most annoying interview question that you get?

Where’s Mariah? Like even if I gave you the answer, how is that helping your interview?

thejasmineBRAND: Biggest lesson that youv’e learned in entertainment?

Keep grinding. Stay in there face.

thejasmineBRAND: Favorite time to have sex? Mariah’s favorite time?

The morning. The morning.

thejasmineBRAND: If you had one question for God, what would you ask him?

I wouldn’t ask him anything. I would just say thanks.

“White People Party Music” is now available on iTunes.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta